Flooring Solutions For Commercial Properties

Starting up any business, whether it is a restaurant, a bar or a warehouse, involves a lot of time and money, and the flooring is one of the most important factors to get right as it has to be made to last – durability and safety are the priorities. However, finding a supplier who can provide you with this great product isn’t always as easy as you might expect.

A commercial kitchen floor has to meet various needs, first it has to be affordable and look smart, but then for safety it has to be slip resistant and have a flawless finish to avoid accidents, for hygiene reasons it has to be easy to keep clean, then it also has to be hardwearing enough to withstand a lot of human traffic, and in some cases heavy equipment and machinery including forklifts and trucks, and other weighty loads. When choosing commercial flooring for a high traffic area, wear resistance is essential.

The kitchen can get dirty very easily and has to be cleaned regularly if standards are to be met and germs kept at bay. Food falls onto the floor, hot oil, grease and liquids are splashed around, people walk in all kinds of things from the outside on the bottom of their shoes, and dirt spreads whilst bacteria cultivates in the cracks and gaps.

Kitchen flooring has to be made from sturdy stuff as there are going to be countless spills, bangs, and scratches inflicted upon it every day of its life, as well as equipment, utensils and boxes dragged across its surface. Also cleaning liquids can be strong and floors have to withstand the chemicals and scrubbing involved in order to be kept sanitary.

Epoxy flooring is a popular material used for commercial, industrial and warehousing industries as it has all kinds of advantages, including being perfect for covering damp surfaces, poorly structured concrete and non-even floors, and looking good. However there are many kinds of epoxy flooring solutions around so it’s important you choose the best.

It’s imperative a kitchen floor is slip-resistant as liquids are easy to spill and accidents just waiting to happen, a wet floor in combination with catering staff dashing around with hot pans, knives and plates and so on is a formula for an impending disaster. Epoxies are available in different anti-skid grades, small natural marble stones give a textured finish which prevents slippage in dry conditions, whilst non-skid grit is generally added to the finish for wet areas for added slip-resistance – for kitchens an ultra-coarse grit is used for added traction.

Flooring should have a seamless surface as this makes it completely waterproof and prevents germs from spreading through cracks and gaps, and thus much easier to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Available in an attractive assortment of colours, some flooring companies will even custom design exactly the shade you want, very easy to look after this type of material can be poured over tile, new concrete, wood and VCT, and it takes no time at all to set so you can be ready to use the premises again in just 24 hours after applying.

Resistant against staining, mold, fungus, and bad smells, you can buy special cleaner specially formulated to lift the grease and oil off the floor so it’s very easy to clean as the grease rests on the surface and can just be wiped away. There’s no scrubbing required so the time your floor is wet is also reduced making it safer for staff and customers. Look for solutions that aren’t diluted with any solvents or fillers and formulated with quality resins, this will prevent wear patterns from forming and give off no toxic odours.

Epoxy flooring can be installed even when the premises are open as there is no smell or chemicals to worry about. Check out building repairs Sydney if you are updating your business location and need help.

As long as the floor has been prepared properly it can last as long as a lifetime. Look online for commercial kitchen flooring Melbourne for providers of specialist flooring systems.