Flirting Tips for Girls: 3 Easy Ways To Grab Any Guy’s Attention

If you’re in need of flirting tips for girls, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you three very simple techniques you can use on any guy, regardless of his age or personality.

These flirting tips for girls will help you gain more confidence and improve your skills in the art of non-verbal communication. After all, flirting is a universal language and guys aren’t as out of it as you might think.

Flirting Tips For Girls # 1: Don’t Stay in Packs

If you want to attract a guy, keep away from your usual girl pack. Many girls enter a joint together, stay huddled in the bar and end up, well, still in each other’s company by the end of the night.

Never mind that you’re all attractive women. Guys just find packs intimidating. They’ll never gather up the courage to approach you when you have your posse guarding you. Find the time to order a drink by yourself and send your guys a flirty look. That will be his cue to make a move.

Flirting Tips For Girls # 2: Do the Hair Flip

Having long hair is a bonus for many women. Guys generally find long hair more attractive than pixie cuts. With long locks, you can always do the classic hair flip to get a guy’s attention.

Just be careful not hit anyone in the process. That would just be embarrassing and you’ll end up as everybody’s favorite bar joke during parties and family reunions.

If you don’t have a lot of hair to play around with, casually tucking a few stray hair strands behind your ear, coupled with a smile, does the trick.

Flirting Tips For Girls # 3: Walk the Walk.

When flirting with a guy, it’s also important to get him to notice your figure. After chatting with him for a while, you can excuse yourself for a minute to go to the ladies’ room (just don’t leave your drink unattended) and walk straight with one foot in front of the other. This gives your hips a swaying motion and draws the guy’s attention to your curves.

With these flirting tips for girls, you don’t have to worry about being dateless anymore. Just stay on the safe side and always let your friends know where you’re going.