Flirting Body Language: How To Read Flirting Body Language Signs To Know If Someone Likes You

People make use of flirting body language signs to attract people, whether they are aware of it or not. So even if your date doesn’t say anything, you can immediately tell how interested that person is in you.

Knowing the various flirting body language signs gives you many advantages. Aside from being able to tell what other people think of you, you can also use this non-verbal communication technique to express your own interests. Let’s discuss some of them now:

Flirting Body Language Sign # 1: Touching

One of the most popular ways to flirt is by touching. It could be as simple as a guy holding your hand or a girl touching your arm. This means that the person wants to be close to you.

Brief or lingering touches can say a lot about how a person regards you. This touching can also extend to your date brushing your hair affectionately or tucking a stray strand of your own hair away from your face.

Flirting Body Language Sign # 2: Complimentary Sweets

When a person gives you a fair share of compliments, especially when accompanied by sweet glances, then that person is very much into you.

People don’t normally shower others with praises, and they wouldn’t be maintaining eye contact often if they’re not interested. But if a person likes you, they will definitely make their admiration known. The more random the compliment, the more certain you are of the person’s affections.

Flirting Body Language Sign # 3: No Distance

When someone is interested in you, you can bet that they will come up with as many excuses as they can to stay beside you. If you’re going to get coffee, for example, that person will most likely offer to help you make some or say that they would like to have a cup of coffee, too.

Flirting body language can be subtle or blatant, depending on the skill and intention of the person. If you feel like flirting back, you can reciprocate their actions by using some of these flirting tips as well.