Fleet Management System – Managing the Know-it-All Driver

If you have drivers who’d rather read a book than a highway map, who seem to know the answers to any question, whose heads are filled with data – then you’re dealing with drivers who have a high Theoretical value. If you understand what it means when someone has this as their highest value, you can manage them very effectively.

Theoretical Value: A Thirst for Knowledge

High Theoretical drivers are passionate about learning and discovering knowledge. They take a cognitive attitude and their chief aim in life is to order and systematize knowledge – knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

General Characteristics

*Enjoy learning
*Have a high interest level in new initiatives
*Believe continuous learning is healthy for the mind and body.

High Theoretical drivers stay mentally alert and like mental challenges. They have a cognitive attitude and look for the deeper meaning in things. They’re good at integrating the past, present, and future.

They will have many interests outside the workplace. Others often seek this person out to help answer questions about projects or procedures.

Value to the Organization

Here are some of the strengths of those with the high Theoretical attitude. They:

*Do their prep-work and homework and come to meetings well prepared.
*Will work long, hard hours to resolve a problem.
*Will as many of the necessary questions in order to gain the maximum amount of information.
*Have a logical approach to problems and patience to analyze solutions.
*Demonstrate logic in their approach to problems and patience to analyze an array of solutions

Keys to managing and motivating

Here are tips on how to get the most out of these intelligent people:

*Call upon their knowledge and expertise whenever possible.
*Include them in future projects.
*Give them opportunities to explore a variety of knowledge-based areas and to act on them.
*Find out their interests and channel related information to them.

Training and Professional Development

These drivers seem to have an on-going personal development program already in progress. They enjoy learning and will support most training and development programs. You can depend on them to do their homework, thoroughly and accurately. They believe that continuous learning is healthy for the mind and body.

Continuous Quality Improvements

Areas in which those high in the Theoretical value may need coaching and mentoring:

*Their sense of urgency may vacillate depending on their level of interest.
*They need to bring balance between acquiring knowledge and putting it to practical use.
*Don’t rush from one learning experience to another. Managers must make sure these workers have applied their knowledge before moving on.
*They may have a tendency to look down on others who don’t know as much as they do. Caution them when they’re being condescending.

Drivers high in the Theoretical value can be invaluable in teaching and training others on their team. They will also provide a high degree of technical credibility when dealing with those who need very detailed information for decision making.