Flaunt What You Most Want To Hide

Are you hiding something that is holding you back?

One of the greatest blocks to stepping into your greatness, standing out naturally and making the difference you are here to make is having a secret or something about you that you are afraid someone will find out.

Another arena where this plays itself out is our bodies. Women especially often find it impossible to accept all of their physical selves, the body temple in which we each live. We attempt to hide those aspects of ourselves that we consider imperfect or distasteful.

Here is a big truth. When we attempt to hide any aspect of who we are, even some perceived physical flaw or imperfection, we hold ourselves back. We don’t have full access to our energy or creative power.

The Man With The “Big Ears”

I recently had an amazing experience at the annual Los Angeles Art Show.

I was walking down the hall when I passed this mythic looking man. He wasn’t handsome in the traditional sense of the word. But he was one of the most physically striking individuals I have seen in a while.

His whole persona was striking. But what was most impressive and memorable was his head. He had exceptionally large ears. And his head was shaved which highlighted his prominent ears.

I would have been struck by his presence anyway. But I was especially struck by the play of his very large ears in the make-up of his presence.

My own ears, while not exceptionally large, are on the large side. And I will admit, I have been self-conscious of them at times. But here was this impressive looking man with ears far larger than mine highlighting his own in such a way that it empowered his total presence.

Key to his striking, unique and memorable appearance was his “Big Ears.” But there was more to it. He walked with dignity, like a man of great import. His unique appearance was striking and he was a presence to be remembered.

Flaunt What You Most Want To Hide

I thought about and talked about the man with the “Big Ears” for two days. I realized that the wisdom of the man with the big ears is “Flaunt what you most want to hide.”

As a creative entrepreneur and business owner imagine what this might mean for you.

You know that you have to stand out in today’s world to be successful. The only way that you can naturally and successfully stand out is to be uniquely who you are. It is this that we are most timid in doing.

You have to let go of whatever holds you back from being full out who you are, speaking your truth and offering your unique gifts and message to the world. You cannot hide any aspect of who you are and be free for both your own freedom and joy, and to have the impact you know or sense that you are here to have.

There are people waiting, people who need to see and hear your message, and experience your gifts. They can only find you when you stand up and stand out as you.

What are YOUR “Big Ears?” In the spirit of this message, the answer is your own physical version of “Big Ears.” It is also any combination of the unique and creative ideas, vision, purpose, or ways of expressing your gifts, or the real message you want to bring to the world that you’ve been holding back.

What are your “Big Ears?” No more hiding! Love those “Big Ears” big time and then go show them to the world!

Step Into Your Greatness Today!

Flaunt your “Big Ears!”