Flair Bartending

Breathtaking Flair Bartending

Most people celebrate the weekend not by heading straight home but by stopping a while with their circle of friends to some local pub considered as watering hole where they can drink in relative peace. Some embrace this kind of practice, which are almost weekend rituals just to unwind, relax and put the past week’s tension and workload to rest.

These groups are the types that flair bartenders usually await to offer their performances. These groups are the ones who would take time in becoming their amazed spectators.

A flair bartender is someone who does not just hold his or her customers spellbound with their smiles and drink mixtures, they also have a certain way of doing the act of mixing and serving that borders on circus showmanship.

Flair bartending is actually stage showmanship, an artful way of filling up customer’s orders and mixing up their drinks, as much as a the scientific skill and know-how in just how much amount of alcohols and beverage, garnishing and other trimmings your drink needs.

Flair bartending can become a heart stopping performance for its spectators. You will see no illusion, just honest -to-goodness skillful art of tossing around glasses in the air, juggling bottles of liquor before pouring them into long streams into the glasses with flourish and then flipping them back to their places. Next is the quick and deft adding some wry gin with tonic water, garnishing with lime and then placing the prepared drink in front of you before you can say anything more than “oooohhh” and “aaaahh.”

Some flair bartenders also have a well-known but never failing trick of giving a quick twirl of a napkin and setting your glass neatly on it, without spilling any drop before setting your drink before you in the bar. Sometimes customers could not help the urge to stand up after a particularly elaborate but deft performance of flair bartending.

Indeed, being privileged to be presented with a heart stopping and skillful display of flair bartending is a compliment in itself to any customer. Applause and a handsome tip is the ultimate rewards of flair bartending and those who are good at it could attest to its unfailing monetary and fan base rewards.

Flair bartending is a style of bartending that prepares and presents the drinks you prefer not by just lending a sympathetic ear to your woes and troubles but also by serving your orders in a manner that has flair.

Flair bartenders use flamboyant and elaborate methods of flipping, tossing, spinning and juggling bottles, glasses shakers and other bar tools that could be appropriate as they prepare a drink for their customer.

Flair bartending not only uses several breath taking tricks in the preparation of your drink. It also uses stamina, balance and control. There are even exhibitions and competitions for flair bartending that uses almost the entire bar counter area and all its tools and implements as they do their tricks.

If you are wondering just where flair bartending originated, no one really knows its certain origins.

Nevertheless, there are certain individuals who have added their twists in bartending through the years. During the 1800’s a man named Jerry who is also widely known as “The Professor” Thomas traveled around and o some stops, enthralled some spectators with his showmanship styles in bartending.

He is also noted for inventing a drink called Blue Blazer wherein he pours boiling water into Scotch. This drink was lit and then set blazing in front of awed and delighted onlookers. Then, the performer nimbly pours the blazing brew from one glass to another.

Nowadays there are many competition bartending concentrating on bringing exclusive entertainment. Still working flair bartending is one breathtaking entertainment to behold.

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