Five Ways Top Execs Make Time to Exercise.

If you work for a living, or even worse, own your own business, you are probably not getting the exercise you need because you “just don’t have the time”. However, like the other reasons we have for not doing what we know we should do, this “reason” is really just an excuse. And here is why:

There exist two facts about time. The first is that we all have exactly the same amount of time each day. The second is that we will find time for the things we truly care about doing.

If this is true, what motivates all those “regulars” at the gym? Do they really love working out? Are they employed? What’s their secret.

In his research, Dr. James Rippe, Director of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute and Associate Professor of Medicine at Tufts University, interviewed 1,000 top executives. Among them were 128 CEO’s of Fortune Five Hundred companies. Of these extremely busy individuals, 75% of them exercised at least three times per week – and you can too!

Successful people know that to maintain high levels of performance, they have to stay in top shape. They use their planning and organizational skills to carve out short periods of time for brief, yet effective, exercise sessions. You will have to make some changes in your schedule but you can do the same thing.

It is important to understand that short bouts of exercise – as little as ten minutes – will add up to be almost as effective as one, much longer, session.

Because the only strategies that work are the ones that you put into practice, try these “exercises” now and see what happens.

1. Evaluate your week. Mentally relive a typical week and record your activities: working, commuting, sleeping, eating, watching TV. Your week has seven days of twenty-four hours each. What do you do and when do you do it? Now, evaluate your schedule and prioritize, looking for segments of time that you can re-allocate to the more important job of getting some exercise. For example, most of us could probably review the TV shows we watch each week and dump at least one? There, you just found an hour.

2. Begin early. By the evening you have already had a long day. Turn off the TV 30 minutes early; have a good night’s sleep and get up just 30 minutes earlier than usual, on two days of the week. When you get accustomed to that, try rising early on three mornings.

3. Keep it simple. Choose physical activities that don’t require special equipment and that you can do anywhere. Take a power walk at lunch and later, eat a sandwich at your desk. Do a set of push-ups and deep knee-bends in lieu of a coffee break. Either will do more to invigorate you than a fast-food lunch or a shot of caffeine.

4. Choose a “physical” week-end activity. Stay off the sofa and away from the TV. Involve the family and consider an outing to a park, a hike or bike ride followed by a picnic. Begin a new hobby or resume an old one, providing that it keeps you on your feet. Sign up for a charity 5K event. Use this as a reason to get in shape.

5. Schedule exercise appointments in your planner. Things that are not written down tend to never happen. On Sunday evening schedule all of your exercise times for the upcoming week in your planner as #1 priority appointments with yourself. Next, as you complete each session, record the results and track your improvement.

Now that you have made the time to get the exercise you need, assume a new identity. Re-brand yourself as the “exercise gal/guy” or the “health nut”. If anyone asks what’s going on, tell them that you’re sick of being in rotten shape, feeling older than your years and…. you’re not going to take it any more.

The amusement will turn to admiration as the pounds fall off and you lose weight and get in shape.