Five Ways Of Beating The Big Guys At Online Advertising

Irrespective of whether you use the term search engine marketing, advertising, online advertising, banner advertising or pay per click advertising, there is a common misconception by owners of new websites that the best way to get noticed is to jump in with both feet and immediately compete with the big boys of advertising.

This thinking has left many would-be online entrepreneurs frustrated and feeling like their product or service is either inadequate or the cost barrier associated with marketing it is just too high. These misconceptions bear very little resemblance to the truth. There are several reasons why new Internet ventures fail to gain the attention they want. To all the early stage would-be success stories, I offer five pieces of solid advice.

(1-Dont Be Too Eager To Directly Compete With The Big Boys -) Competing with the big boys is definitely the future goal of any business, but it must be done in a smart way. Much like a prize fight, the challenger should have a few victories before declaring an all out battle with the big boy of the industry. If you have a large ego and that statement offends you, you are exactly who needs to hear this.

The big boys are called the big boys because they have a financial advantage. Dont allow your pride to cause you to make foolish decisions. Be smart. If you cant out bank roll them, out think them and out maneuver them. By that I mean, dont attempt to advertise on the same websites and in the same way as they do. You probably cant afford it anyway. We choosing your initial advertising spots, choose smaller websites that are looking for advertisers. They are usually much cheaper and allow you to determine what works for your particular product marketing. While you may only get fifty to one hundred visitors per month from a lower traffic website, it allows you to grow unhindered, under the radar of larger more competitive firms.

(2- Avoid Depending On Advertising Auto Pilot Too Soon-) The mind frame that you can simply set your advertisement in place and watch the dollars roll in holds true for very few early stage websites and products. That tactic works best once you have created a flawless website sells interface. It needs to be a fool proof and proven path to buying your product.

Despite what you think, you dont know that you have a smooth buying interface until your customers have tested it. Buy buying interface I dont just mean credit card processing. It includes the wording and the pages that lead to the credit card processing as well.

Remember, it is not enough for you to be impressed with your web property. Spend time early-on finding out what your customers think. Doing this can prevent lots of frustration and confusion, while increasing your websites ability to make sells earlier. There are web services that allow you to ferret out any problem with your website and advertise really easily. I will speak more about this later.

(3- Avoid Blindly Following Other Advertisers -) Advertising method saturation is when so many people are doing the same thing that only the big guys benefit on a large scale. Dont get caught up in the me-tooism of advertising by only using the advertising methods currently being used by big companies. This has doomed would-be success stories more than anything.

As a particular advertising method becomes more popular, the price of using it typically goes up. This is simply due to the rules of supply and demand. Get a bunch of people wanting the same thing and bid wars begin. You have to be innovative and embrace new types of advertising early. New ways of advertising and marketing spring up all of the time. For instance, advertising in online games like Typobounty dot com puts you in a high traffic area with better quality visitors that want to read your entire site.

(4- Initially Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity-) Quality of visitors is much more important than quantity of visitors. I am not so much referring to the targeting of a particular demographic. I mean a person that is ready to buy and able to buy is more desirable than a click through by someone that has none of these traits. I mean, think about it. The term (visitor) has lost its meaning in online advertising.

Many webmasters believe that every click though is a visitor. Not so fast. Let me ask you a question. If you drove from Galveston Texas to Dallas Texas, would you say that you visited Houston Texas? No! Most sane people would say that they passed through Houston on their way to Dallas. Stopping for fuel does not constitute visiting Houston.

When a potential customer comes to your website, skims over its content, and then leaves, the shear fact that your content didnt catch their eye and slow them down, fueled their desire to go elsewhere for what they are looking for. Dont let your website be a gas station for web surfers. The object is to get potential customers to stop and focus on your websites content. Not simply to pass through on their way to buy a product. Incorporating your advertisement into online games gives visitors the incentive to stop and read every word of a websites sales pitch.

(5- Make Every Advertising Penny Benefit Your Business In Some Way -) It is a simple principle of business. In order to succeed at whatever your organizations goal may be, you must take more money in than you put out. Sure, some would conclude that I have simply stated the obvious, but I disagree.

If it were obvious, there wouldnt be so many marketers doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Stop solely depending on the hit or miss arena of pay per click. When your advertising budget is small, pay per click is not your friend.

Early on, find low cost monthly fee advertising opportunities and scoop them up. Game sites like TypoBounty dot com allow advertisers to draw attention to their products while simultaneously cleaning up their website errors. So, every visit ends in a sell, helps the site become better or confirms that everything is in order. That is making every advertising penny count towards the success of your business.