Five Top Tips to Snare the Object of Your Affections

Got your eye on a piece of eye candy that seems just out of reach?

Unfortunately, there is no “magic formula” to snare the object of your affections (don’t we all wish). Fortunately, however, there are a few tips you can follow to increase your chance of landing your dream girl or guy.

1. Tip #1: Be patient

First, and always, be patient. This tip applies to a myriad of situations, but is essential for getting a guy or girl to like you back. Why? If you’re not patient, it’s really going to show, and you’re going to seem annoying at best and desperate or crazy at the worst.

Remember that real relationships take time to develop. Let things happen as they happen, even if they’re not progressing in the way or at the pace you’d hoped.

2. Tip #2: Get noticed

You have to get noticed somehow. If your crush never notices you, you’re kissing your chances of hooking up goodbye. But don’t overdo it just to get attention—be natural, be confident, be interesting, be yourself.

Some tips for getting your crush to notice you include smiling and making eye contact, talking with his or her friends (if appropriate), getting a new look (haircut, makeover, new clothes), looking hot (but not slutty), and the oh-so-brave act of actually approaching him or her and making conversation.

3. Tip #3: Hang out

Whether or not you want to try being friends first (let’s face it, some of us are terrified of getting stuck in the “just-friends” zone), it’s essential that you at least try to make it work to hang out together.

Be bold and invite him or her to a party, show, or other event. Act casual but inviting, not desperate or aloof.

Find out what his or her interests are. Brainstorm ideas for what you could do together in a non-threatening environment.

If you are both at an event with a lot of people, muster up the courage to approach your crush and strike up a safe but interesting conversation.

4. Tip #4: Flirt

Be subtle yet noticeable. Restrict your flirting to your crush so they don’t get confused. Smiling and eye contact work great, as does gently touching his or her arm or shoulder while you’re talking.

Sometimes flirting like this with a guy is enough to get them to finally ask you out.

5. Tip # 5: Drop the bomb

If after some considerable time and effort, you still haven’t managed to lure in the object of your affections, it’s time drop the bomb. That’s right—’fess up. You have to flat out tell them how you feel and ask if they’re interested.

Hopefully they’ll say “yes” and ask you out. But, just in case, be prepared for rejection and the more-likely evasive “non-response” where you don’t get a straight answer. If this occurs, it could mean one of three things:

1. Not interested, but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings;
2. Interested, but not ready for a relationship;
3. Still unsure

Give it some more time (tip #1), but if after awhile your crush isn’t moving in any noticeable direction, move on.

If the two of you are already close friends, but you’ve moved into the “I-wish-we-were-more” phase but you’re not sure about your pal, this can be a bit complicated. Your best bet here is to jump straight to tip #4 (flirting) and #5 (bomb-dropping) and see what happens, after which you’ll need to backtrack to tip #1 (patience) for awhile.

These techniques should help you to attract that special someone. But remember that if things do not work out as you want them to, then that person probably was not compatible with you and your relationship would not have lasted. In that case, get right back into the dating scene so you can find Mr. or Ms. Right. Never forget that you are special and deserve the best.