Five Sure-Fire Moves To Melt Her Heart

1. Eye Contact
Very important. Most women don’t like men with eyes that dart around the room constantly, and even fewer like a man who looks blankly at the forehead of whomever they’re talking to. If coordinated with what you are saying, making eye contact can be the most simple and effective flirting technique there is. The only thing to remember is to make sure your gaze matches what you’re saying to her, or what she’s saying to you. A gaze can be dazzling, but you’re not into frightening anyone here with a stare that is in no way appropriate for the situation. Make sure your eyes follow the conversation, and you should be fine.

2. Don’t make the first move
We know this segment seems unusual in an article dealing with flirtation, but of course the whole purpose of flirting is to pique her interest in you. If you go from a nice flirt to immediately making the first move you’re pretty sure to come crashing down, unless it’s clear your flirting has worked particularly well. The trick is to use your flirting technique to bring her to you.
Wait until you begin seeing definite signs of interest from her to make your move. An occasional flirt from her has already been mentioned as one sign; another is her wondering aloud why most men don’t have a characteristic she’s already acknowledged she’s seen in you, one she’s clearly said she finds sexy or likes very much. What you want is a clear sign that you can proceed.

3. Letting Her Do the Talking
You should know what to do if this happens, we can’t stress that enough. Clearly, if she begins talking to a great extent, you’ve already begun to earn her trust. Don’t lose it by not knowing what to do in such a situation.
Ask simple questions when it seems appropriate, and let her exhaust the ideas circling in her head regarding the issue that’s on her mind.

4. Give Her a Smile
This is one of those things that might seem so simple, most men would often forget it; but make sure you give her your best smile every now and again when she’s around, especially when you first begin talking to her. And if you can, once more as you leave. Simply put, it lets her know in the most obvious way that you enjoy her company.

5. Make Her Laugh
It’s been said that, “If the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach, the way to a woman’s is thru her funny bone.” In any case, a man who makes the woman he’s flirting with really laugh now and again – usually by revealing a sparkling wit when he’s around her – is that much closer to getting her. Perhaps it’s because it seems impossible to feel very intimidated or angry toward someone who truly makes us laugh, but whatever the reason it is a very powerful way to put yourself near the top of her list, especially if you’re also following our other guidelines