Five Great Reasons to Choose Surface Mount Light

When people make a purchase, their decisions are based on emotion. There are few exceptions to this fact, though investment in quality lighting for commercial, industrial, or residential use may be one of those exceptions. Of course, as a property owner, you’re interested in how the fixture fits into your space, how it appears as part of the design, and how the illumination affects the surrounding area.

With surface mount light, these factors are essential parts of the buying decision. As an owner or business manager, you must think about such details as:

  • Initial cost
  • Installation costs
  • Energy use
  • Fixture maintenance
  • Appearance

Excellent Illumination

Before looking at these elements individually, you might also want to consider the general reason for choosing surface mount light. This type of lighting can be used in almost any interior space, and is also an excellent option for exterior use (when you’re concerned about obstructing a walkway or staircase, for example).

They provide good ambient lighting in hallways and small spaces like closets or storage areas. With light-emitting diode (LED) technology, you can use surface mount light to provide the feel and look of daylight in a space with limitations. This is also the right choice for you if ceilings are low. The surface-mount design provides the lighting you need while remaining out of the way. Using pendant lights and track lights can take up space and may be inconvenient in “close quarters.”

Individual Benefits

Surface mount light using LED technology is available at a reasonable price, which addresses the first of the details listed earlier. Your initial investment will be comfortable, especially when you begin to enjoy the benefits over a period of time. Installation of this lighting type is relatively easy and once completed, the fixtures blend in with any design. This same benefit will be obvious if you use surface mount light on an exterior brick wall or concrete wall.

Contact your lighting professional to discuss the array of options. Linear fixtures are designed for durable, safe lighting in harsh environments and in industrial work spaces. Use them to replace fluorescent lights in tunnels, maintenance areas, stairwells, and parking garages, and enjoy the 100,000-hour rated lamp life that practically eliminates maintenance costs.

Perhaps the most important benefit in commercial and industrial settings is the reduced energy use. LED technology in a surface mount light means you will pay smaller utility bills during those thousands of hours of use. In addition, you won’t be buying new fixtures any time soon, thanks to a standard five-year warranty (with 10-year warranty optional).


Smart business owners and homeowners are choosing this lighting type for use in all sorts of conditions, including exterior installation. You’d be wise to consider surface mount light and LED technology for your property. It won’t take long for you to realize you’ve made a very wise and money-saving decision. Why not learn more by getting in touch with your lighting expert today?