Five Good Topics Of Conversation For Any Occasion

If you ever find yourself stuck for something to say in any social situation, such as at a party, on a date, or in a new work situation, here are five good topics of conversation for any occasion. if you ever find yourself feeling shy when around a new acquaintance, try these:

1. Do you live in (name of town or city)? How long have you lived here? How do you like it here?

One’s hometown is always a good topic of conversation. People often feel a fondness for their hometown, and this can lead to all sorts of interesting discussions: local amenities, town history, memories of growing up, etc. Be sure to share your own thoughts as well, such as your favorite parks and other attractions. You can even do a little reading up on your town and neighboring towns to give you good conversation ideas.

2. Movies. A lot of people are into movies. If you are as well, this can make a good topic of conversation. You can talk about stars, the latest theatrical releases and so forth. Ask the other person what was the worst movie he ever saw, or about his favorite actor or actress.

3. Television. “Did you catch the Academy Awards, (or that new show, or the season finale) last night?” If you do not watch much television currently, you could always discuss your favorite TV shows of the past.

4. Books. You can ask the other person what is her favorite type of reading material or her favorite author. Ask what is the best book she’s read recently, or if she subscribes to any magazines.

5. “What do you do when you’re not working?” Or, “What hobby would you love to take up if you had the time?” Hobbies can make a good topic of conversation that can lead to all kinds of interesting subtopics and insights about your conversational partner.

To prepare for any of these topics, you might want to think in advance of how you would answer any of your own questions. Sometimes, we ask questions of others that we are unable to answer ourselves, so it’s a good idea to put a little thought into these topics and work on sharing of yourself as well.