Five Best Counter-tops for your Kitchen

Counter-tops are one of the most visual and central focal points in all kitchens, since they make the most visible surface areas in the room. Kitchen counter-tops must combine good looks with practical functionality in order to serve the purpose.

With so many choices available in the market, it can be laborious/ difficult to pick the right counter-top for your kitchen. Here’s a guide to five popular counter-top materials that will work with your lifestyle for years to come.

1. Natural stone: Stone is a reliable material that stands up to the tough wear of an operating kitchen. Each type of natural stone has its own color, veining and natural characteristics such as porosity and hardness, making them unique for your kitchen.

The most popular stone counter-tops are:

• Granite
• The strong and beautiful surface of granite has a characteristic which gives each installation a unique look.

• Composed of natural stone that lived out for millions of years, they make a favorite choice for many home owners as a way to express their taste and style.

• Granite counter-tops are extremely durable and hard with resistant to heat. While granite counter-tops can handle virtually all ordinary kitchen use, they aren’t imperishable. Hence, they should be maintained effectively by cleaning and periodic sealing.

• Marble
• Marble has an excellent, standard look that always seems to be in style.

• Particularly for white kitchen lovers, marble offers many options than almost any other counter-top material.

• Marble is known more for its sheen it develops with use than for its durability.

• It is relatively less hard and more soft compared to granite and has a natural association with tradition and luxury because of its natural beauty and delicate veining.

• Soapstone
• It is highly durable and one of the natural choices for your kitchen.

• It is highly resistant to stains, chemicals and bacteria and can be a lifetime investment.

• Slate
• It is a fine grained metamorphic rock formed when shale (sedimentary rock) is subjected to great pressure.

• As the minerals within the stone organize themselves at right angles to the source of pressure, the planes can be easily cleaved and split in to thin layers.

• Quartzite
• Natural quartzite is scratch resistant, non-porous and a present day stone material that boasts variety of pattern variations and stunning colors.

• They require less maintenance and splendidly suitable for kitchen counter-tops.

2. Quartz: Quartz counter-tops are one of the modern alternative materials used in today’s kitchen.
• They offer scratch resistant and no porous surface with little or no maintenance.

• They also prevent bacteria, mildew and mold from growing due to their in built anti- microbial protection.

3. Laminate: Laminate counter-tops are one of the most popular and cost effective options for your kitchen counter-tops.
• It is composed of a solid board core with layers of tough plastic.

• Laminate counter-tops offer durability, variety of textures, patterns and colors that give a lavish look.

4. Concrete: These counter-tops closely resemble slabs of natural stone and are becoming increasingly popular.
• Color pigments, stains and dyes can be added directly to the concrete mix, hence it is possible to have a counter-top in any desired color and visual texture.

5. Tile: Tiles are one of the most affordable counter choices trending over the last decade.
• They are either made of stone or ceramic and offer incredible durability.

• Ceramic tile counter-tops offers several arrays and combinations that can turn a kitchen in to an interesting architectural accent of the property.

• They provide scratch, stain and heat resistant, that when damaged can be easily repaired.

It is important to choose a right surface area that looks good to you, which can hold under the kitchen activity and well suits to give an appealing look.