Fitness Woman

The first thing before embarking on any women’s fitness schedule is that the media has always projected that thin is beautiful. According to a research conducted few years ago, the anatomy of the sexy and attractive Barbie doll is unfit for reproduction. We have heard many reports in the past of small girls trying to look like a Barbie doll and thus becoming undernourished in the process. Hence thin is not always healthy. It doesn’t always lead to a optimal woman fitness level. This unrealistic goal of attaining that kind of body is responsible for many unhealthy, underweight and ill women. At times this obsession of attaining slimmest possible body may become life threatening too.

Fitness is not linked to any age group in particular. A teenager or a young woman needs as much to be fit as a 70 year old. There is growing evidence that only a fit woman keeps her family fit because her family revolves around her. She is the epicenter of the family and if the epicenter is weak, the area around her cannot be strong. Knowledge of woman fitness and health is essential for a healthy, fit and attractive body. There are various factors involved in it which includes weight loss programs, attractive body programs and staying healthy programs. However, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

There are many programs designed just for woman. Woman’s needs are different from those of a man and the programs prescribed for her in the fitness woman scheme are tailored just for her. However, before she embarks on her fitness program schedule she must keep a few facts in mind.

Anaerobes workouts which are high intensity, make you out of breath, literally spin you and sweat you out, are the most beneficial programs because they are believed to release hormones in the body which induce fitness. They are most effective for losing fat too.

If you are one of those who don’t really enjoy those sweaty, high density exercises or due to medical reasons can’t do high intensity exercises then at least you should go for walks. Walking is different from strolling and a very effective form of cardio vascular exercise. It is considered an excellent form of aerobic exercise. Walking has great health benefits and it has been proven that they are helpful in controlling diabetes and heart disease.

For the busy executive there are special exercises which can be done in the office. These exercises help you in releasing stress, boosting your energy levels and of course burning calories. You don’t need any equipment in the office to do these exercises. You may do them in the privacy of your chamber in just 10 minutes. They are similar to doing warm ups.

For a fitness woman it is essential that she takes care of her diet, nutrients that she is consuming and exercises. Thus she needs expert health and training advice to attain fitness. There are many ailments which affect a woman more than a man. Now days there are many other options available like on line training for fitness women and she should take advantage of them.