Fitness Success: Small Daily Decisions

There was a man who would say to his son how do you eat an elephant?” The young boy looked up and said “how?” The very wise father responded “one bite at a time.” I believe it is our human nature in our fast paced to want everything right now!

Billions of dollars are spent every year on weight loss pills and “quick fix miracles.We often struggle as a society with patience especially with ourselves. I want you to think of a person in your own life you really excels at something they do. For example I have one friend who plays the piano flawlessly. While I watch him play it is my human nature to think;”They are so lucky to be so good at that.” What I would forget is the behind the scenes the work that it took to develop that talent. Obviously, he did not just sit down at the paino and begin playing Mozart flawlessly. He spent countless hours practicing, and practicing; studying music and the notes on the page until one day he put it all together to produce beautiful music.

Our own health and fitness can be applied the very same way. It is the small decisions we make everyday that literally form who we become over time.

Make a choice to park a little farther away. Make a choice to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Make a choice to drink water instead of the cola. Make a choice to split a meal at a restaurant with your spouse of friend. Make it a habit to stop eating when you feel full.

We are faced with small choices everyday and we do have the power to choose. We are the one bringing the spoon or fork to our mouth. We are the ones choosing what is on that fork or spoon. We are the ones deciding to watch TV for 30 minutes instead of getting off the couch and doing some physical exercise.

Take responsibility for the choices you are making and remember that you are a reflection of all those small little choices that you are making every single day.

Even if it takes several days, weeks, or even months to reach our fitness and health related goals…

Remember the saying; “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time.” “How you reach your health and fitness goals?” One small, daily, decision at a time.

Do something everyday to get you one step closer to the person that you want to be!

Think back over your life to a time that you felt the best you have ever been. Can you remember that feeling? I want you to remember and feel again, how that really felt! You can feel that way again! You have to believe that! Don’t settle for just being, but strive to be the best you you can be!

Be excited about this new journey you are taking.

Be excited as you find the new potential that you have always had, that you never realized was in you!

Start participating in activities that get you enthused about health and fitness.

Be excited about your potential.

You need to always remember that the change has to come from within you… you have to believe in yourself first!!!

You can become who ever or what ever you want to be as long as you want it bad enough, and that is exciting. You are your own sculptor. You are the Michelangelo of your own body and together we are going to make a masterpiece.

All the Best! Chelsie Mecham eFit Today Total Fitness Team