Fitness Camping

Camping can be a great opportunity to get some fitness time in. Sometime we need to go camping in order to focus on our health the way we should. The distractions of everyday life often leave us eating junk food and counting the walk from the car to the office as our daily exercise. It can be difficult to schedule time in to exercise and the stress of trying to find time can often lead us to resent exercise altogether. Camping presents a perfect opportunity to focus on fitness.

There are plenty of activities to do while camping that can help your fitness level. Try waking up with the sunrise and starting off the day with some yoga or meditation. While camping you won’t need any of those nature tapes to help you relax, you’re in nature! Hiking is another great way to get exercise while camping. The scenery and fresh air make you forget that hiking is even exercise. Be sure that you pick a camping spot that is near a trail that will be appropriate for your fitness level. Also, be sure to pack plenty of water. When camping, you also want to make sure that you don’t go off alone, so bring someone along for your hike. Safety must always be a priority when camping. If you can, try to hike to a stream or lake that is safe to swim in.

Taking a refreshing swim after a hike is not only a way to cool off, but also a great way to get some more exercise in. Take some time and just sit next to the water and relax or do yoga. The sound of the water is very relaxing. Some other activities you might want to look into while camping are rock climbing or spelunking. However, these both require that you are camping with someone who has these skills and you’ll need the proper equipment. Don’t attempt to rock climb or spelunk while camping unless you are with an experienced friend or professional. If you want to go on a fitness camping trip with a large group, then you can put together obstacle courses and other fun activities that will get your heart rate up while keeping the atmosphere fun.

Another great fitness aspect to camping is the opportunity to eat more natural, healthy foods. You can go fishing and catch your meals. Fishing is not only great fun, but it provides food while camping that is better for you than hot dogs brought from home. Some people like to really rough it while camping and eat off the land. If that doesn’t sound like you, then your camping trip might be a good opportunity to focus on eating healthier foods and only bring healthy foods with you. While camping you won’t have the temptation of junk food unless you bring it with you. Make sure that if you plan to fish or hunt that you have the proper licenses and know the rules for the area you’ll be in. Also, you might think that camping is a great opportunity to eat off the land, and it can be, but don’t eat anything that you can’t identify. Be sure you know what it is you’re eating. There are many berries and mushrooms that are poisonous and will ruin your camping trip if consumed.

Camping is a great way to get some fitness in your life. Plan fun camping activities that get you moving around and use the campfire to cook healthy food and your camping trip will be not only fun, but healthy.