Fishing Sports Story

We all love fishing sports recreation and in keeping with the theme I have heard so many good fishing jokes that I thought I would share some of these with you.

The first one goes like this:
An old man goes out onto the ice and cuts a hole in it and throws in a line. He is there for nearly an hour and catches nothing. Then a younger boy comes out onto the ice and cuts a hole in it not too far away from the old man and throws in a line. Inside of one minute a Largemouth Bass has hooked himself onto the line and the boy drags it in. The old man cannot believe the boys luck and continues to fish.

The boy dropped his line in again and the same thing happened. The old man is in total disbelief and after about the 6th fish he cannot contain himself any longer and he goes over to confront the boy. “I cannot believe it, I have been here over an hour and caught nothing and you have been here for half and hour and caught a half a dozen fish. How do you do it?”
“Roo raft takup ra rums raam!” The boy said.
“What was that?” The old man asked.
Again the boy responded, “Roo raf roo reep ra rums rarrm!”
“Look I cannot understand anything you are saying” said the old man.
The boy spat into his hand and said “You have to keep the worms warm!”

My second contribution is:
A pastor, a priest and a rabbi were out for the day to go fishing. After getting into the boat they had just pulled away from the dock when the rabbi exclaimed “stop the boat I forgot the coffee!” The pastor who was driving the boat offered to take the rabbi back to shore and the rabbi said “oh no need I will be right back”. The rabbi quickly jumped out of the boat and literally ran across the top of the water to get to the shore and then to his car to fetch the coffee. He then ran back across the water and got back in the boat.
Well the pastor not wanting to be shown up by the rabbi said “oh my I forgot the sandwiches” and quickly jumped out of the boat to attempt running across the water like the rabbi had, but instead sank quickly to the bottom of the lake. With that the priest looked angrily at the rabbi and said “That’s not fair, you should have shown him where the rocks were!”

Having a love of fishing sports recreation, fishers worldwide all enjoy the sport and also have too much time on our hands from the look of the humor.