First time Snowboarder Equipment

Recommended Equipment for First-Time Snowboarders

Unfortunately, snowboarding is one sport that needs prior planning. There is a lot of equipment that snowboarders need to have prepared well ahead of time, including the board, boots, bindings, and warm apparel. Before heading out on the frigid slopes, there is basic equipment that the beginner snowboarder should obtain.

Of course the first thing needed will be the snowboard itself. This can be a little tricky, especially for a first-time snowboarder. Do no become overwhelmed with the brands and flashy gizmos. Those toys will come later on with a more permanent board. It is best to do some research online at the quality and decide what type of riding you plan on doing. However, do not be surprised that the first snowboard purchased will most likely not be your only one once you master the basic moves. After those basic moves are mastered, you will need something tailored to your specific riding needs. Visit a local snowboard shop to ask any questions you may have about boards. This would also be a great time to be professionally sized.

Besides the board, you will need to purchase boots and bindings. Remember to research the quality and durability of each and get a second opinion from message boards and pros in a shop. If one piece of the puzzle is of low quality it can throw everything off making it harder to learn snowboarding. Boots and bindings can easily cost more than the board itself, so keep that in mind.

To keep warm while you ride, always get a jacket and pair of pants that are specifically for snowboarding. The gear is made differently with venting systems and other benefits in your favor. In order to keep your hands warm, a warm pair of gloves is necessary. They should be rather heavy and extend past your wrists, so the sleeves on your jacket can go inside them. It helps to keep out unnecessary cold air and snow. If the budget allows it would also be helpful to buy goggles. These can block out sun, snow, and most importantly protect your eyes from any flying objects on the slopes.

These are just the basic items needed to make it out on the slopes in style, which include the board itself, boots, bindings, and warm apparel. Getting your board set up is the easy part in the equation. Mastery the slippery slopes is the hard part of the equation.