First Time Caribbean Cruise

1st Time Cruisers Can Expect The Best Of The Caribbean

Ever since Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean on his fateful voyage, this region has been a favorite of visitors the world over. With islands fought over and exchanged repeatedly between different European nations, a culture that’s a distinct blending of many different influences developed here.

Each island, whether an independent nation or not, has developed its own distinct flavor. Generally laid back, the rhythm of the islands is much different than the workaday worlds on the mainland.

First-time cruisers and even those who are veterans, but have never been to the Caribbean before might not be sure of what to expect out of this region. The area is loved by world travelers for a number of reasons and many will swear that a cruise is the best way to see.

The trip, no matter the length and the number of ports of call, will include a few staples when a cruise ship is brought into the mix. They include:

During the trip, guests on a cruise ship with a destination in the Caribbean can expect to be pampered. The entire cruise experience is designed to offer a little something for everyone. From simply watching the waters and skies to relaxing poolside, those who don’t want to do much of anything, can do so. If a little more excitement is desired, passengers can take part in contests, do a few laps, watch live entertainment or even take a golf lesson. The cruise experience is meant to ensure royal treatment for passengers and most cruise lines don’t skip a beat in offering this kind of service.

Island excursions:
Cruise lines make sure their passengers have plenty of opportunity to explore the regions they’ve set sail to. The Caribbean is famous for its white sandy beaches and its turquoise waters. Many cruises give passengers plenty of time to enjoy those waters and explore the beaches. Side trips from the ship can include such things as white water rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling and more for the more adventurous. Those who want to get a feel for the culture can do so through historic and artistic tours, by visiting tropical rainforests and more. Some parts of the Caribbean even have tours of ancient sites like the Mayan pyramids.

A Caribbean cruise will differ a lot in the types of action available based on the island destinations. Some parts of the Caribbean have ancient ruins, while others are famed for their nightlight and rainforests. One thing is for certain for those who decide on a Caribbean cruise, the experience is like no other.