First Hand Account

Mystery Shopping First Hand Account

I sat in my car outside the mall re-reading my evaluation form for the millionth time. This was my first mystery shop and I wanted to do it right. I read my packet when they sent it to me. I read all the tips and all the advice. Now I wanted to make sure I knew what I was looking for. I knew I couldn’t bring my evaluation form in the store and I couldn’t take notes so I was relying on my memory. I folded the evaluation form, laid it on the seat, climbed out of my car and walked towards the glass doors.

It was completely different walking into the mall as a mystery shopper than walking into the mall as a regular shopper. I felt like everyone was staring at me. I felt like I was wearing a big sign and someone would figure me out. My heart was racing as I took the brisk steps towards the clothing store I was supposed to shop today. My assignment sheet told me to come today and anywhere between the hours of 11am and 2pm. I loved the freedom of that. What I was supposed to be looking for swam through my head. I was also supposed to buy two things and I would be reimbursed for it – and I got to keep the items! How exciting was that?!

I walked into the store and was greeted immediately. I smiled and noted that. I pretended like I was looking around. As I held up different items, I took in the store’s cleanliness. I paid attention to how the employees greeted the customers and what they did as I was in there. I was pleased to see that they were constantly busy working, not gossiping behind the counter or playing around. I really didn’t want to send in a negative report.

I watched the employees check out the customers and took note of what they said. I noted the number of customers in the store and how many came in and out as I was in there. I started to get a little nervous, wondering how in the world I would remember all of this. Another employee came to me to see if I needed help. This time I took her up on it so I could see how she interacted with me. I had a pleasant experience and was surprised that I never noticed this before. I had shopped in this store a million times and I never noticed how great the employees were.

I happily purchased the two items I was sent to buy plus an extra shirt that I couldn’t pass up. I went home with my bags and immediately sat down to write my evaluation. I filled out the questions and answered as perfectly as I could, offering as much details as possible. I wanted them to feel like they were there with me.

I sent in the evaluation the very next morning and then waited for my next assignment to come in the mail. I loved this new job!


This first hand account from a mystery shopper is what it’s really like doing the job. Is this something you could do?