First Car Buying Experience Easier

What Can You Do To Make Your First Car Buying Experience Easier?

There are many things that can be done in advance to help make buying your first car an enjoyable, such as knowing your credit score. How much you can afford for that down payment and monthly payments, and don’t forget how much the insurance will run. Another thing to consider is making sure your credit is established enough to get the better deal. Get a credit card and use it responsibly for six months. Once it has been around six months; you have paid your bills on time and have increased your credit rating.

Also remember to save money while you are building your credit for your down-payment, I know the car lots advertise no down payment but lets face it not many people even with excellent credit qualify for this. Once everything is in check you can go to mom and dad and say okay I have this amount for a down payment and my credit rating is this. I have even checked out what my insurance payments will be. I want to know if you will go with me and help me to buy my first car. I don’t want you to pay anything but I want you there to make sure I get the best deal.

If you are out on your own or mom and dad are not available ask one of your friends and let them know you want them there for moral support. They will appreciate you coming to them and help make a day of it, so even if you don’t decide on that car today you and your friend is closer than before.

When choosing the vehicles look for the better looking car, then one that has a few miles on it, and then the roughest looking one you can find. Why do this well believe it or not I have found used cars that are rougher looking tell more about where you are buying a car than the one on the showroom floor.

If your first car is a family car and you have saved for this day for a while now, remember to consider who will be in your car and how many. Say if there are five in your family then you will want a car for six people instead. Why six, well what if you are taking your kids to a movie, you are going to need room for at least two extra people, a friend of yours to help chaperone and a friend of your kid. Not too mention that extra seat gives everyone a little more room, especially the driver.

Another thing to look at is the mileage the car or truck gets. One thing to consider is normally when looking at the mileage marked on the vehicle, it is stated 20-22 miles per gallon highway miles and 18 miles per gallon in town. The highway is first and you have to see how big the tank is and divide the mileage from there, to find out the true miles per gallon if not already marked.