First Aid Training to Save your Pet

Most of the time when a disaster occurs with a pet it is likely that it was actually a preventable accident. With the correct training and skills most people can save the life of a pet too. Although many of the concepts for first aid are the same for people as there are with animals, they are also different too.

The most important thing to do when a pet is in pain is to place a makeshift muzzle on them because although they love you as much as you love them, when they are in pain, they will bite. This course teaches you how to make a simple muzzle and apply it quickly and effectively. Next you will asses the pet to determine what is going on so that you can decide on treatment.

You will be taught what to do if the pet has a heartbeat but is not breathing or has no heartbeat and is not breathing, what to do if your pet is choking, what to do if your pet is bleeding or in shock, how to assess your pet’s vital signs so you can get a better idea of what is going on, how to put together a first aid kit for your pet and what contents should be included, what to do if your pet is bitten by an insect or a snake or stung by a bee, what to do if your pet is suffering from hypothermia or heatstroke, if your pet is having a seizure, and how to care for your pet properly as it ages.

Another important skill that you learn is what is called Snout to Tail Assessment. This is starting at the snout of your animal and working down to the tail and being able to understand and determine the wellness of your pet. Included in this is the ability to check your pet’s vital signs and these two in combination should not be only part of any emergency care but part of routine check ups that you provide. Without the proper training you might asses your pet from snout to tail but have no idea what you are looking for.

When you have had some training you will be able to recognize any early signs of potential medical problems. There is also an extensive section provided in the course about your pet and their teeth and the importance of proper dental care.

These first aid classes for assisting your pet in the event of a medical emergency are geared towards pet owners, pet professionals, pet rescue groups, youth groups, and educational organizations. These courses are provided in a traditional classroom setting or all of the materials can be downloaded online for a small fee. These courses are extremely important to the well being of your pet with or without the need in a medical emergency situation.