First Aid Training Resources

Safety resources are available through OSHA on employee safety, back injury prevention, blood borne pathogens, hazard communications, the prevention of slips and falls, fire prevention, training on how to use fire extinguishers properly, conveyor safety, hand and power tool safety, cranes and hoist safety, forklift operator safety, hazardous energy prevention, and confined space entry. These resources are all made available as part of first aid training in industrial settings where this is mandatory and federally regulated.

Some very good resources and materials are available through the American Heart Association. Some are free and others need to be paid for but all are extremely useful. Many topics are included in these resources such as first aid training basics, and first aid training for more advanced readers, materials on the importance of and administering CPR and AED, materials on prevention measures for many diverse settings. Some of the many other resources that are available are for students in first aid training and prevention which include cookbooks on preparing heart smart foods, pediatric first aid, and the importance of knowing what to do in the event of a stroke, and so on.

Using a collaboration of both effective print and video instructional materials is the best way to distribute the most effective and modern methods of learning first aid training. Many of these resources are available by ordering through direct mail in the value of booklets and pamphlets, posters, first aid video programs DVD/VHS, first aid safety programs DVD/VHS, and all are available in both English as well as Spanish.

All of these are also available as computer software CD ROMs. These re actually quite nice foe use in schools, home, or in the workplace as they are interactive as well as self paced. They utilize a combination of audio, full motion video, and color graphics to capture the attention of just about anyone. These resources also have follow up quizzes after each section so you can see how well you retained the information that was presented to you.

The whole concept is to get this information out there and make resources and materials on first aid training readily available for everyone; there is no particular segment that is off limits when it comes to first aid and safety.

Everyone needs access to the materials and resources because it is not always as easily accessed for some as it is for others. And that might be the key to success in getting everyone as equally interested in caring enough to want to be part of a greater change.