Fireplace Screens and Accessories

Fireplace Screens and Tools

A fireplace can indeed provide many years of satisfaction, but you’ve got to get the right tools to make the process of fire building as simple and easy as possible. Just like a lot of things we enjoy, fireplaces require effort to keep in working order and available for use. Excellence is truly in the details, like it says at, so make sure your hearth is prepared. Below are some fireplace accessories to remember as you’re deciding on what to buy for your hearth.

Today, andirons are used mainly for decorative reasons to add to the appeal of your hearth, but they also may be used functionally instead of fireplace grates. Andirons stand upright and always have a shank running longways to raise the wood higher than the floor of the hearth. This unique fireplace accessory can have either a long or short shank. A shank that is longer will hold more firewood allowing you to make a bigger fire. Many of these wood holding accessories are distinctively designed to improve or add to the decor of your current hearth. For instance, a set of cat andirons could display reflective eyes that shine when a fire is burning causing a glittering decorative effect that adds originality to your decor.

Fireplace screens, like any accessory for your hearth, must first be the appropriate size for your fireplace. Next, they should match your other accessories near the hearth or you’ll just be filling the area with mismatching pieces that take away from the overall feel of the space. Remember that purely decorative firescreens do not prevent sparks from ruining the floor, and they could be ruined if you put them in front of a roaring fire. Therefore, be sure that you acknowledge how you’ll use the screen then focus on looking for the screen that best suits your taste, decor, and price range.

Fireplace firebacks were first introduced in Europe and were exported to the Americas during colonial times and are once again becoming popular for both artistic appeal as well as functional use. Firebacks are placed inside the fireplace against it’s backwall. They trap in the heat as well as protect the backwall. Rather than permitting a majority of the heat to escape up the chimney the firebacks absorb the heat. Many hours once the fire has stopped burning, a fireback will still be sending heat throughout the surrounding space.

Wood baskets make great accessories for your hearth and can be aesthetically pleasing and convenient. You will find these hearth accessories made to go with other fireplace necessities such as your tools and screen. When you purchase an accentuating wood basket, you will both tie in the hearth decor and at the same time keep wood close by for those late nights when you don’t feel like going outdoors to get it from storage. Finally, you will need to have a log carrier that will allow you to move wood from the exterior supply to the fireplace basket. A carrier lets you not only haul more wood in, but they’ll also help keep your flooring and clothing free from dirt and debris.

For a fire to burn correctly, it has to breathe. A fire gets the bulk of its oxygen from underneath, which is why you need to get a fireplace grate or perhaps an andiron. Fireplace grates will elevate wood off of the bottom of the hearth so that a fire is able to and keep on burning. The size of the grate that you’ll need to get depends upon how big the fireplace opening is. Certain grates can hold more wood but the majority will hold 5-6 medium-sized logs inside. You want the length of the grate to be around 4-6 inches shorter than the size of the hearth opening to allow the oxygen to sufficiently feed the fire.

Fireplace tool sets must at least have a poker, shovel, and a broom. You will need to keep the hearth area clean because the ash has a tendency to suffocate fires making it quite hard to keep the flame alive. The poker will help move logs around so the wood burns more evenly. If you don’t have these essential tools, you will not be able to effectively maintain or manage a fire.

Although there are a lot of details that should be considered when you operate a fireplace, the truth is that the hearth will more than likely bring you more pleasure and delight than any fixture in your house. Make sure to use a grate or andirons to raise wood off the floor and remember to keep the area clean with your fireplace tools. Stop flying sparks by using a spark guard or fire screen and always remember, a clean hearth is a happy hearth!

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