Fine Arts Degree

When many people think of going to art college, they imagine a person devoting his or her life to being a painter, sculpture or someone else devoted to fine arts. There are many different arts that are taught in art college. Most people do not major in fine arts unless they either have serious aspirations to be a painter, artist, musician or they want to teach fine arts.

Although someone may have an appreciation for fine arts, anyone who has ever tried to make a living as a painter, sculpture, musician or even an art photographer knows how difficult such a living is to attain. If there is artistic talent, a degree may fine tune it, but the talent will still be there. If there is no talent, no amount of school in the world is going to give someone that gift.

It can be just as satisfying for someone to make a career teaching art appreciation to students. Many people get a degree in fine arts with a minor in education so that they can become art teachers. Teachers are always in demand and there is no more rewarding career than being a teacher. In many cases, teachers can also pursue their own dreams of art greatness while earning a living teaching others how to paint, draw or take photographs. Art teachers teach from the elementary level to the college level.

Those who want to teach younger children can do well with a bachelor degree in fine arts and the proper teaching certifications. Those who wish to teach high school or college students will most likely need a master degree instead of a bachelor degree in arts.

A teacher of fine arts has the best of both worlds. A steady income in a position that is always in demand as well as the opportunity to pursue their own artistic endeavors. During the summer, when school is closed, a teacher can have plenty of opportunity to spend time with their own art.

In addition, a teacher also has the opportunity to give the gift of art education to his or her students. What can be nicer than developing the curiosity of a child or young person and teaching them to appreciate their own talent. All of the great painters learned their craft from others, although few of them had a formal art education.

However, they still learned from others who helped them hone their craft. Imagine being the mentor to the next Van Gogh or Picasso. You never really know how your influence can affect a young person who may be on the verge of discovering their own artistic talent. What could be better than discovering a new talent and seeing it blossom?

If you have a love for fine arts as well as a love for teaching children or even adults, a fine arts degree is something that you should think about pursuing. You can virtually be guaranteed a decent job that is both creatively and financially rewarding as well as inspiring.