Finding Your Purpose In Life

To feel comfortable and satisfied most people probably think that they need to have to experience a sense of achievement. It’s like a control issue. If you achieve something then you feel more in control. But is it possible that this sense of possibly minor achievement could indeed detract from ones fulfilment of their true purpose in life?

You often hear people conjecturing about their purpose in life. I am sure you can identify with an awareness of a handful of people who you truly believe have found their perfect vocation in life. Your mind resonates with the phrase; “He or she were simply born to do/be such-and-such”.

And so what is the real purpose in life? Is it to learn and grow as a person, or perhaps to overcome obstacles, to be a “good” person, or to simply be happy with whatever hand you have been served? This is a particularly subjective question, the answer to which will vary from one person to another.

The way in which you answer the question of whether or not you have fulfilled/are fulfilling your purpose in life will however tell you something that is almost definitive. If you are still searching for your purpose, you are not fully happy in the now or satisfied with your current lot in life. You are looking for something, and you do not yet know what it is.

But there is a flip side to every coin. Many people may feel that they have already fulfilled their purpose, but then in the aftermath, perhaps they feel redundant or unnecessary. They miss having that purpose. Does this mean that one can have many purposes in life? Or does it mean that they have become distracted and have yet to really find their true purpose?

A further point to consider is whether purpose should be so directly connected to happiness? Can one not be happy in the now, knowing that their purpose is just to “be”? Should one’s purpose be to strive for something more or to be accepting of what is already within one’s grasp?

Happiness really should be our ultimate purpose. Being happy and promoting happiness inevitably makes for a happy world. What more could one wish for?

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3s for happiness and well-being.

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