Finding Your Path

Copyright 2006 John Halderman

What you try or attempt is the process of finding your path.

You must follow your deep yearnings, desires and curiosities. This is how you discover your path and your purpose.

By ignoring those inner feelings and merely making decisions based on your current condition is to stifle what you could become. If you do that you will just experience more of what you already are.

The inner urges, drives and curiosities you feel is evidence that your self is trying to express through you. In order to discover what you can evolve into you must allow yourself to be open to inner guidance with faith and trust.

Start by following what intuitive messages you now notice, and go from there. You will learn to be more receptive to this as you honor and accept what you are aware of now.

You will likely not have the whole path mapped out. As you go in the direction of the indications you have with openness and faith, you will find that you become more and more receptive to additional detail.

It will be revealed to you as you change and awaken to what is really possible to you. Only by moving forward, taking action can you fully discover your next possible opportunity.

Without forward movement, your whole mental capacity will remain static. You will be stuck requesting and receiving more of the same.

Take a look at a tree, everyday is different. It’s constantly evolving, it’s never the same, always growing. Notice how through the yearly growth cycle it is always a little bigger. It is also continuously changing, new leaves, branches, roots, blossoms, fruit, seeds or nuts that weren’t there last year, continuously becoming more of itself.

The only way it grows bigger is with continuous activity that supports growth and change. The possibility for a large full-grown tree is revealed a little bit each year.

The tree has a path, even though it may not know exactly how tall it will grow, how many branches it will have and exactly where they will be located, it keeps growing into itself.

Just like a tree, you need to be actively seeking your next opportunity, like your branches, blossoms and fruit.

Just like a tree allow the life energy from within to rise up and allow you to branch out and blossom.

Your full potential comes from within, allow it to reveal itself and you will discover your path. Following this inner guidance with faith and trust reveals the happiness you seek.