Finding Your Balance

There has always been quite a bit of buzz in the personal development industry about “finding life balance”. It seems that everyone is seeking this “life balance”…and more importantly wondering how to get it.

Life balance means different things to different people – for some it may mean a feeling of organization, for some it is a sense of freedom, for others it may be emotional serenity. How do you define life balance? This is the most important question.

The first thing that you must remember is that balance is a state of alignment – energy alignment, emotional alignment. It is the state of equilibrium that is achieved when your emotional resonance is in alignment with what you are seeking to create, desire, and focus upon.

For example – if it is your desire to create pleasant and joyful relationships with your children, you would not experience balance if your focus is on everything you dislike about their actions. To experience balance, you would need to line up your thoughts and emotions with your desire, versus your lack of it. What do you love and appreciate about them? Thoughts of ease versus thoughts of resistance – the place to be.

Another example – If you desire more in your life than you think that you can achieve…you are out of balance! You must take the emotional journey to line up your thoughts and emotions with what you desire in life. If you desire a million dollar home, the you must do the emotional and energetic work to be alignment…you need to redirect your thoughts, emotions, focus, to be in alignment with this desire. Replace thoughts with negativity with perhaps the thought that “anything is possible”!

One more – And I will speak directly to money because it is such a prevalent “issue” when it comes to creating. But imagine for a moment the affects of being out of balance with money…desiring more money in your life that you are allowing to flow into your experience. Gets a little uncomfortable doesn’t it? So, sense for a moment how it might feel to be in alignment with the amount of money that you would like to create…to love money, to appreciate it, to give up negative beliefs about it. Shifts you to a different place doesn’t it? This is the place of balance.

So, let’s talk a little more about how to create life balance….here are a few tips from this perspective.

1. Keep your desires loud and clear. Ask yourself, are my signals muddied by thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are not in support of where are I want to go? Do I have negative resonance in my creation field? If the answer is yes, then keep reaching for thoughts and emotions that support the joy of your desires.

2. Balance the emotional journey with the action journey. How you feel is much more important that what you do. What you visualize, what you expect, what you hope for, what you get passionate about is your emotional journey. What you do is important – but make sure you are taking “inspired action” …which of course was brought forth from such a juicy emotional journey!

3. Be cognizant of your resistance, and take this as a clue from your built in guidance system that your are not in balance. If you are not, then release your resistance by making emotional choices (thoughts and feelings) and line up – or make a choice to change your desires. Do you want something because you want it, or do you just think you want it…or think you should want it? Do you need to walk away from something or is your negative belief system need tweaking? Pay close attention.

4. When you experience difficulty or contrast in your life use it as an opportunity to become even more crystal clear about what you are wanting, your preferences, your desires….will you settle for less? NO! Use contrast as a learning tool and as spring board. Ask yourself, hmmmm, now how did I attract this and create this in my life? (By the way this is a very powerful place to be)

5. With that said, “get” there is no “random”. Life balance, or the experience of it, is a state that you create, period. You don’t randomly get picked for a terrible career, you don’t randomly get in a car accident. You are a magnet, and you live in a world of attraction. Period…(does that sound harsh?) It is the lovely and beautiful truth. Truly, when you start to step into this state, you will begin to realize how absolutely powerful you are.

6. Do not let others needs, circumstances, emotional balance supersede your own. Self care…this is something that is foundational to an emotional resonance that brings forth a state and an experience of life balance. Do you put yourself first? Do you honor yourself as the perfect spiritual being that you are? Do you honor yourself enough to step into your power? Do you allow yourself to make “mistakes”, learn from then, and know your are perfect no matter what? Do you give yourself permission to believe? Do you give yourself permission to want more? There are millions of different ways to take care of your self and allow this resonance to permeate your life. Find what feels good to you….

7. Do not forget to ask yourself, what does life balance look like to me? What would it feel like? and focus on the feeling of balance…step into this place and know that it exists within yourself, versus outside of yourself. Will you allow yourself to step into life balance, let’s say…RIGHT NOW? Begin by writing down and appreciating all that you can in your life this very second.

Lori Hamann