Finding The Top Help Desk Software

Since there are so many help desk software available today, it is very important that you look for the best features and understand how the process works to stay ahead. You can save a lot of effort and money by investing only in the best, according to the needs of your work or company. The support system should adequately answer and give solutions to your different concerns and issues. Time is also a factor to be considered for immediate results.

Getting to Know Teams

Different teams are usually formed by companies to adequately cater to the specific needs of end users. The deskside team or desktop support is responsible for the desktops, peripherals like PDAs and laptops. The help desk assigns the desktop team the deskside issues in the second level, if the first level support was not able to solve it well. The team functions by setting up and configuring computers for the new end users that are usually responsible for physical work related to computers like repair of hardware or software and transfer of workstations to other locations.

More Teams

The network team functions for the network hardware, software and infrastructure like switches, backup systems, servers and firewalls. The team is responsible for services in the network like security, email and file. The desk assigns the issues that falls in their category. There are other teams in companies as well that handles phone infrastructure like voicemail, VOIP, PBX, modems, fax machines and telephone sets. The team is also responsible for transfering phone numbers, configuring phone numbers and setting up voicemail.

An applications team may also be available for some companies having custom application software. The team will be responsible for developing in-house software. The team may also be asked to solve problems like software bugs existing in the help desk. Requests for new capabilities and features for in-house software going through the help desk may also be given to the team.

Although most of the help desk teams and staff are found in the same location, remote applications are available to keep professionals and experts available to solve various consumer problems anywhere in the world. Make sure you choose help desk software that has onsite support and remote access to keep things easier and convenient. Workstations may be audited and remote support made flexible.

The Good Points

Look for help desk software that offers scheduled and preventive maintenance. You get to have maintenance tasks that will keep your system protected such as air filter changes, file backup, service pack applications, etc. Custom ticket fields allow you to configuration more information fields that are not found in the standard setup. The fields can be categorized as textboxes, checkboxes and drop down lists. Category reporting allows the administration to find the causes behind ticket submission such as vandalism, user error or viruses. The categories are arranged during configuration.

Make sure that the help desk software you are investing in has a broad knowledge base and sufficient expertise in various technological and computer issues. Every service request should lead to a created knowledgebase article that has full description of the repairs done and the procedure. The articles are completely indexed by keywords for quick retrieval. Updates should be readily available to you since new problems and errors can evolve over time.

You should be given email notifications and tracking services. It is also vital that their replies to your concerns and questions are fast for efficiency and added performance.