Finding the right photocopier for your business

These days photocopiers come in all shapes and sizes – it is important to find the right advisor to help you choose the unit best suited to your needs. But here are a few pointers, based on the main focus of enquiries I have found in conversations with top salespeople in the industry.


The footprint is simply the amount of space your new photocopier takes up. Home and small office machines fit snugly on the desk; the largest machines are entire print shops-in-a-box and therefore need more room. In a home office, that might be a consideration.


Different photocopiers print at different speeds. The faster corporate machines can copy at up to 100 pages per minute, manage jobs from many people at once, and can be scheduled to run overnight if necessary. But if you only print out a few pages per day, then speed will be less of a consideration.

Colour or black and white

The price of colour copying has fallen dramatically in recent years, so before you sacrifice colour, ask us about the total cost of owning a colour photocopier- it may be less than you think. Colour does cost a little more, and you may spend more in toner and other consumables, but it’s likely that colour printing is within your business budget – and of course presents a tremendous impression.

Toner consumption

Again, great advances have been made in toner consumption- the latest machines are highly economical and don’t guzzle cartridges. Your business depends on economy, and most reputable suppliers will give you an honest appraisal of the REAL cost of owning any piece of equipment.

Print, Scan and Fax

Depending on your other office systems, photocopiers these days also offer print, scan and fax functions. The digital revelution in recent years has seen to it that similar technologies have converged to offer these function in obe streamlined unit, often known as an MFD (Multifunctional Device) or, more popularly an All-In-One. For smaller offices, combined machines are highly economical and have a neater footprint. Some brands offer a modular system, whereby you can pick which elements you want.


Larger machines offer time-saving finishing options. If you’ve ever had to pay a temp just to fold documents, you’ll appreciate the economy! Larger machines include A3 and A2 capacities, big paper cassettes, sorting functions, stacking, stapling, punching and folding.


If more than one person is using the photocopier, then consider a networked copier, which will not only hook up to several people at once, but will include sufficient memory to handle multiple jobs.

Maintenance and Usability

Some photocopiers contain simple, all in one cartridges. These are very easy to maintain yourself. Larger machines for departmental or industrial use are offered with maintenance agreements, which are equally no-hassle. Usability issues are key, and it is best to address ease of use issues with your supplier before a final commitment. It is also important to remember that investment in equipment is also an investment in a working relationship with the supplier – after sales service and maintenance is a huge factor in the successful procurement of office equipment.