Finding Spiritual Truth Amidst Confusion and Diversity

The spiritual scene is a very diverse environment. There are so much conflicting information that a seeker will have great difficulties deciding who and what to believe in.

Having said that, this is not an article about what is the truth, though.

In my opinion, there are many falsehood, half-truths and misinformation in the spiritual scene. All of which are fodders for our curiosity and most are really red herrings and decoys. Also we are often drawn to these sidetracks because of our innate need to feel safe and special.

Within this arena, the subcategory of Enlightenment Path alone contains many models and descriptions of Enlightenment. For example, some traditions described I AM Presence as enlightenment. Yet some say that when enlightened there is no person there, let alone an I AM Presence. Yet others described Awakening as being touched by a Bright Light. You see, the descriptions can confuse one as to who is telling the truth.

To even confuse things further, there is also a whole plethora of New Age materials based on channelling so-called otherworldly Beings. These materials are not cohesive and expound conflicting information too. In addition to that, I have yet to come across a channelled material that can accurately describe the enlightenment states and stages. Could it be that the channelled materials are not the best source of spiritual information?

I think there is no way to find out whether any belief is fabricated or not merely through speculations. What if Faith (in some information or sources) turns out to be some form of imagination of how we want things to be.

The only way to find out is to walk the path, discern and experience it for oneself. All else will be inconclusive. Please do not blindly believe or follow just because others are doing so.

I think the benchmark for spiritual authenticity must lie in the teaching’s ability to produce real and tangible results. Ultimately, what the seeker want is to find a solution for a happier existence. However, isn’t everyone doing this? To some, the way to happiness maybe located elsewhere such as in financial success or relationship fulfillment. Regardless of the mode of expression, everyone is seeking a better life. However, the spiritual seeker wants more. He/she wants to find a more lasting solution to happiness. Perhaps, he/she had some setbacks in life and is questioning the validity of the conventional mode of seeking happiness.

In conclusion, one must find the solution through the myriads of conflicting information and sidetracks. And the only way to do so, is to use our own discerning intelligence and benchmark it against direct experiences. From my experience, this process (of discernment and direct experience) must be cycled through many times. With each cycle, our understanding is refined, thus bringing us ever closer to our objective.

For your necessary discernment. Thank you for reading.