Finding Retirement Community For Active Adults

If you’re an active senior who wishes for a retirement community that matches your lifestyle then you’re in luck. Today’s retirement communities are now offering specialized living environments just for active seniors. These communities offer seniors low-maintenance apartment-type lodging, a a place to socialize with other seniors and extra perks like clubhouses and golf courses.

Taking the Plunge

Before choosing an active retirement community you need to find out if you’re ready to be part of one. The following are some indicators that you are ready to be part of a n active retirement community:

– You are over 55 years old.

– You are concerned about keeping your current home as you grow older.

– You are willing to leave the home where you brought up your family.

– You love being part of a community.

– You want to live with people with other seniors like yourself.

– You want to live in a place that offers amenities like a swimming pool and golf courses.

– You are content with living in an apartment-type lodging.

– You have the finances to pay for monthly rent or mortgage payments.

If you satisfy most of the criteria above then you’re definitely ready to take the plunge and be a part of a retirement community.

Finding a Community

Most communities built for seniors can be found in popular retirement spots like Florida but today you can find them in any state. You can check out websites like where you can get a list of communities by region. Not only will you find descriptions of each community, the site also refers you to the website of the community. This website is a great way to start looking for a retirement community by area and it gives you the name of the community that you can do a background check on.

Another helpful website is This website gives you a list of communities but the difference is that instead of getting the contact information of a particular community they ask you to fill out a contact form so that the community will be the one to get in touch with you.

Choosing What’s Best for You

Once you’ve picked a community, the next step is to check out the website and ask for a brochure but the best way to find what suits you is to visit the community itself. Here are some things you should look for when you visit a community:

– Find out about the age restrictions. Most communities cater to seniors over 55 years of age.

– Find out what type of housing they offer. They can come as apartments, villas, condos, townhouses or even homes.

– Find out the cost of the monthly rent.

– Find out about extra fees that you will be paying for like those for facilities or maintenance.

– Find out the extra facilities they offer and see if these suit you.

– Check out the location of the area and see if you prefer living near the beach or next to the woods.

– Observe the people living in the community and see if they are satisfied with the living conditions.

– Find out available transportation options for you.

– Find out if the community is anywhere near health or medical establishments.

The best way you can determine the right community for you, especially after visiting a number of active retirement communities, is to trust your instinct. Remember, the right active retirement community should fulfill your needs and lifestyle and not the other way around.