Finding Low Cost Vacation Home Rentals in Orlando Florida

Finding low cost vacation rentals in Orlando Florida is easier than you might think. Currently there are around 21,000 villas in the Orlando area alone, all vying for your business. With this amount of competition there are deals to be had if you know what you are looking for.

Orlando has been a very popular vacation destination for a long time with around 60 million visitors very year. As the attractions have increased in number and quality so has the demand for short term vacation rentals and hotel rooms.

When compared to a hotel, rental villas very often provide better quality facilities, a more relaxing atmosphere, the feeling of being at home and all for a lower price. They are the perfect place to relax after a long day at the theme parks and give you the freedom to eat when you like unlike the more formal meal times you may find at a hotel.

Heavy competition amongst villa owners and hotels is good news for you as it reduces the overall costs of your acccommodation rental, in some cases significantly. Prices can reduce even further if you are travelling with a large family.

The quality and type of facilites you get at a vacation home are not directly affected by the price you pay. When renting a hotel room generally the lower you pay, the poorer the quality of the services and room furnishings. Villa owners reduce their prices for several reasons.

1. There may be a gap in bookings that the owner wants to fill at short notice

2. Owners often discount their prices for anyone booking well ahead

3. Certain parts of the year are less busy than others so again the owner will want to rent the villa out for a lower price rather than leaving the villa empty.

4. Prices will vary depending upon the time of year you want to occupy the villa. Many owners define seasons and increase or decrease their prices accordingly.

Understanding how villa owners price their accommodation helps you to find the real bargains that can be had in some excellent villa properties.

Finding a low cost vacation rental is not as hard as it may seem once you know where to look and when.

1. If you are prepared to leave things till the last minute approach a villa owner and negotiate a rate for a booking to occupy the villa within the following two weeks. Most owners have calendars available on their websites displaying availability.

2. If you have already decided that you want a vacation in Orlando next year, book a villa now and see if you can get an early bird discount. Most owners will do this for you.

3. Generally prices for villa rentals are lower from January to March and September to November as these are considered quieter months. Another advantage is the theme park queues will be shorter too.

Finding low cost vacation home rentals in Orlando Florida is not that difficult once you have an understanding of how villa rental prices are affected. Now you know you should be able to get a healthy reduction on the price for your villa rental.