Finding Items To Sell At Auctions

Finding The Right Items To Sell At Auction

It’s a hobby that people and entire families across the country are getting into. There’s just something that’s very appealing about finding great items and putting them on an online auction site and watching those bids come in. In fact, the bidding wars can be addictive to watch and lucrative for those who own the items.

Getting started as an online auction seller isn’t very difficult either. The key is to find the right kind of items to sell and then to learn the ropes of listing them so people are drawn to bid. Everything from used books and CDs to antiques and crafts and beyond can sell and sell well on these sites, but sometimes a little patience is needed to get an auction to really take off.

One of the best ways to get off the ground with an online selling hobby is to simply find a few things around the house you want to get rid of, garage sale items if you will. Examine the items and make a sound determination if they are things others would be likely to buy. Everything from old games (with all the pieces and even sometimes without) to glassware, linens, collectibles and so on can sell. Just make sure they’re in good condition.

Once a few choices have been made, sit down and write out an item description. If you want to sell a set of antique brass candlesticks, for example, write a brief description about them. The more history you have on the items, the better. If for example, they were purchased in the 1940s by your grandparents while they were visiting Italy, say that. If you know they date from before then, mention that, too. Also, include any identifying marks or wording. Make the description as clear as possible without forgetting to mention the little details. Point out any imperfections if they’re present.

With the description written, it’s time to pull out the digital camera and take a few pictures. These can really help boost an auction’s popularity among bidders, especially for items that words can’t describe very well. Take several shots and go with ones that are clear and crisp.

Now, head to the auction site of your choice and list the items, following site instructions. Most sites offer pretty easy to use instructions and walk sellers through the entire process.

Just remember to be clear, honest and concise in descriptions. Do categorize items in a logical manner and be sure to answer any questions bidders might have. If the first try doesn’t go so well, try a slightly different category or change the header that pulls people in to your individual auction.

Online sales can be fun and quite profitable. People are turning the use of the sites into a hobby for a lot of reasons, but the biggest is the excitement a highly contested auction creates and the extra pocket change that can result.