Finding Clues of Cheating Husband

Whether you want to accept it or not, the saying is still true that “boys will always be boys”. And as this special species of humans grow, the caption changes into: Men will always be men.

Because men are husbands, the slogan is replicated once more, “husbands will always be husbands”.

Almost all women believe a man cannot stay faithful to a partner. Is this a myth or reality?

Opinions are divided over this. But is this the reason why wives launch “pre emptive strikes” (thanks to George W. Bush) on their husbands? privacies to smoke out suspicious signs about infidelity.

Women have been known for ages to instinctively probe into their partners pockets, wallets and other personal effects, all in the bid to unearth the elusive information about an affair.

Even if this affair does exist, is this crude way the best way to confirm your suspicions? Whatever happens to the much touted powerful instinct of women?

Suspicion is a state of the mind. In other words, if you are convinced that your husband is cheating, even if he isn’t, then you will be led to be looking for the elusive clues that will confirm your gut instincts.

After going through his wallet and finding, for example, the receipt of a hotel booking made by his secretary you go off shouting ?Eureka like Archimedes of old, when what you have seen is simply the booking for a seminar or conference his organization had in that hotel.

Because your mind sets out on a voyage something odd, nature or providence will oblige you with your with- the harmless hotel booking receipt.

One thing you have to understand is- if your husband is faithful to you, but due to circumstances like tight work schedule or working with a female, you think something is happening behind your back and you go off rummaging into his pockets, wallets, confidential files, etc, he may find it very offensive because you are betraying his trust by being suspicious of him.

Some husbands who have hitherto being faithful with their wives throughout their relationships can actually start being unfaithful if they discover their wives snooping around their personal effects.

To such husbands, their reasoning is… she wants trouble, right? So, she will get one. They use such to justify their actions.

Imagine if you suspect that your husband meets his “supposed” lover every Friday night… instead of being with his friends as he told you. What if this suspicion of yours is not true?

You will only end up torturing yourself every Friday night- when your husband is actually really with his friends and not with the imaginary lover that you suspect he has. This kind of suspicion will definitely have a negative effect on you and it could end up destroying your marriage.

The human nature can?t hide suspicions. Even if you don’t say it, it will show up in your attitude and demeanor. It will make you cold towards your husband. Or worse it could make you resent him.

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