Finding a Good Synthesizer Player

It is very important to get hold of a brilliant synthesizer player to make a perfect band. A musician who can play synthesizer well will have some specific qualities pertaining to synthesizers playing as well as general qualities related to music.

– A synthesizer player must know the technical side of playing. The player needs to be very good in his scale portion. He needs to be fluent in all the scales, both the Majors and Minors.

– Scales are the most important criteria of music. So the player must be able to play in all scales. And scales are important because when the player is jamming, then he has to jam in that particular scale in which the song is going. If he is not fluent in scales, then it would be a big problem for him.

– Another big thing for a good synthesizer player is that he must know all the chords. Because right chords give proper feel to the music. Wrong chords can ruin the whole song. One more thing, he must know how to hold the chords properly. Otherwise it will not sound good.

Apart from these technical aspects you need to look for some other qualities as well while looking for a good performer.

– A synthesizer player needs dedication. He must be dedicated to both music and synthesizer. He must be honest to his job and must love the instrument.

– The player must know every nook and corner of his instrument. If he does not know the full operation then it will be hard for him to excel. He also needs to think quick on his feet. If he is playing on stage and he needs to change the tone in between a song, then he will not have much time to think. If he wastes time to think then the whole song will be messed up. And it will totally be his fault. He will be responsible for the whole blunder.

– The next big thing the player needs to have is some innate talent. Music cannot be completely taught. It comes from within. No school in the world can teach him how to play well without an inborn flair. They can only give some tips on that and can teach the grammars and basic techniques to polish his talent. But at the end of the day it is the talent that will pay.

– While finding a good synthesizer player, it is necessary to keep in mind that the synthesizer player must know how to improvise. Good music is not just playing the notations. It is also about the continuous flow of delivering something new.

To improvise, one needs to be well aware of the grammar of music and must be able to play music on various rhythms. Knowing the theory portion of music is very much important too.

– A good player must have a good knowledge about technology. Synthesizer has some operations where technological knowledge is very much necessary.

Finding a good synthesizer player is not easy. That is because a good synthesizer player needs all the qualities mentioned above. But these qualities can be acquired. Acquiring these qualities is not easy, but it is not impossible too. Just stay focused and practice a lot. As it is always said practice has no replacements.

Finding a good synthesizer player becomes easier when you are a part of the industry.