Find Your Own Tempo In Golf And Repeat It Consistently

You will often hear professionals say that when you deviate from your own tempo you get into trouble. They say this because it is a very true fact of golf. We do each have our own rhythm and tempo and it is hard to change that. Not only is it difficult to change your natural tempo, it’s also unnecessary.

We might admire another golfers slower or faster tempo but it is important to at the same time recognize that this is the effect of that other person’s natural rhythm and timing. The key is identifying what your own natural tempo is and applying it consistently.

You may well have a fast swing but this does not by necessity mean that it’s a bad swing. Far from it. So long as your rhythm allows you to bring the clubface back into the right position at impact and for your body to remain correctly balanced it really doesnÂ’t matter how slow or fast you swing the club (within reason, of course).

Tempo is in fact one of the most difficult things of all to change about your golf swing. Your tempo is a natural extension of your personality. It reflects how you go about your daily life as a person, not just as a golfer.

I have a friend who moves everywhere at an amazing pace, talks really quickly and crams unbelievable numbers of tasks into her day. What would you expect her golf swing tempo to be? Fast is of course the inevitable answer. Everything she does is fast and so her natural golfing rhythm and tempo will not be an exception. To fight against this and to try to slow that swing down is as easy as swimming upstream against a strong current.

In my own case I am a pretty determined and methodical person, and so this is reflected in my swing. I hit my ball with real intent and purpose, in a methodical manner. I hold my hands up and admit that it is more of a “hit the ball” than a graceful swing through the ball. But that is me and it works for me too.

In golf it pays dividends to learn when to go with the flow or when to try to swim a little upstream. Some swing adaptations are easier to effect than others. Once you accept that your own tempo is what it is you will usually find that good golf becomes a whole lot easier for you. You can then seek other ways to improve your game; ways that are not opposed to your natural rhythm and personality.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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