Find Great Used Items in Auctions

Finding Good ‘Used’ Buys Through Online Auctions

Buying new through online auction sites is relatively simple compared to the “risk” buyers might perceive they face when shopping for used goods. Pictures can clearly show items still in the box and tags still on them, but what should shoppers of gently used articles look for?

The answer is multi-faceted and depends a whole lot on the kind of items a shopper is hoping to buy. Since online sites offer auctions for everything from homes and cars to toys and televisions, the task of discerning the best can in fact be a little daunting.

There are a few rules of the road that can help a buyer determine if they’ve found a great deal or a dud, however. They include:
* Checking out the seller. This is a good idea whether the hoped for purchase is brand new with tags and boxes or used. If a seller is presented as reputable and past buyers say he or she delivers what’s stated, a buyer is probably more than okay to proceed.
* Auction description. Make sure these are read fully. Good sellers will disclose even the smallest imperfections. If a buyer doesn’t read the listing and ends up with an item that’s slightly dinged and the ad said so, that’s not the seller’s fault.
* Pictures. Take a close look at any pictures provided. If imperfections are disclosed, asked to see pictures of that clearly show the extent of the problem. Items such as antiques, cars, electronics and so on generally are just fine with a simple ding or chip, but who wants to buy a car with a bashed in passenger’s side and no front end?
* Ask questions. These will, of course, depend a lot on the item being bid on. Those looking to buy land through auction will most likely want to see appraisals, find out more minute details and so on. If the item is a vintage shirt, the questions, no doubt, will be less. It’s okay to ask questions and most good sellers encourage it.
* Be skeptical. If something looks and sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Refer to the previous suggestion. You can’t ask too many questions, but do be fair.

The used market at online auction sites is big. It covers just about any kind of item imaginable. Although most pieces offered up for grabs are in excellent condition, some might not be. Buyers can protect themselves by carefully selecting auctions, reading the fine print and asking questions. When a little research goes into the bid, the end result is generally to the buyer’s liking.