Financing A Sunroom

Financing A Sunroom Depends On The Style, Size Chosen
If the decision to build a sunroom has been made, the next big question is how to pay for the undertaking. While some people can afford to shell out cash to get the job done, most have to either scrimp and save or do a little creative financing.

The question of paying for a sunroom and how to handle it really shouldn’t come into play, however, until a style and size has been determined. The costs of sunrooms start around $3,000 and go up by the thousands depending on the style of room and the size and design desired.

Serious expenses come into play if a large room of elaborate design, complete with heating and cooling is desired. This is an undertaking that’s not only akin to doing a full addition, it’s exactly that. So, it’s a good idea in this case to consider some financing unless a large bank account is poised to be tapped.

Here are some basic financing options that are generally available to those wanting to add a sunroom onto a home. Keep in mind, a sunroom is a great investment in a home and they generally keep their value in a resale or even increase in value.

* Cash – Depending on how much money is involved, it’s always better to pay outright and not incur interest.
* Credit cards – If the sunroom is reasonable and you can pay off high-interest cards fast, this is an option that’s available to many. This option, however, is not the most advisable.
* Mortgage refinance or second mortgage – Going this route generally makes interest payments tax deductible, plus it can give you some additional options along the way. If refinancing the first is possible to pay for the project, this is probably a smarter route than dealing with two mortgages on a home.
* Contractor financing – Many contractors offer reasonable financing offers. Read the fine print though and make sure you can handle the payments and any penalties that might ensue if you cannot.
* Do-it-yourself building and financing. If you have the skills to build a sunroom, there are do-it-yourself kits available. This won’t save you on the material costs, but the labor couldn’t be cheaper. Be sure to pull necessary permits and follow local building codes if going this route.

A sunroom can be a costly venture depending on the style that’s desired. Be certain you know what you want and shop around, use smart financing options and take your time making the final decisions. A sunroom is a great addition to a home that’s a serious investment in its overall value. Care in its creation will enable you to better enjoy it when it’s done.