Finance and Equipment Lease Options for Canadian IT And Medical Hardware And Software

Although the prospects for Canadian medical/healthcare and IT (Information technology) asset acquisition has never been stronger the hard reality is that the finance needs for these assets is even more pronounced. Simply speaking, companies and institutions want financing options for these assets.

It’s all about affordable and managing budgets for many firms, including of course hospitals, clinics, etc. At the same time there is a need to look at both flexible financing, and solutions that lend themselves to upgrade and replacement. The bottom line? That’s where equipment lease financing comes in.

So what’s driving all these asset acquisition and financing needs in healthcare and IT in Canada? It seems to be a function of both increased electronic medial records growth of course, as well as the simple fact that newer equipment technologies are emerging all the time.

Government grants and lease accounting incentives also spur the growth of finance for medical and it equipment lease options. And as many users are happy to hear, software, particularly application software, can be financed also.

It’s all about being creative when it comes to financing tech assets, software, medical assets, etc, and that’s been a mainstay or key benefit of equipment lease finance in Canada.

Very simple things like interest rate subsidies by vendors, structured payments to reflect the reality of budgets, or seasonality in revenues and cash flow have been a fundamental part of lease financing in Canada for almost forever!

Many medical and equipment and software acquisition needs revolve around projects, aka project financing. So flexible vendor payment scenarios and the ability to match cash outflows with project timelines is critical. More often than not it’s a case of managing that up front cost when cash outflows versus benefits need to be tied together in a common sense manner.

Predictable cash flow and benefits is what Canadian equipment lease financing is all about .And a dose (pardon the pun!) of creativity in IT leasing and medical equipment financing sure helps!

Healthcare and IT budgets are huge in Canada and the lease finance options helps business owners, financial managers and public institutions to address those projects in a manner that makes sense. Its time for the folks that manage those budgets to ensure they have a strong level of awareness of the financing options and flexibility that comes around a solid it equipment lease for both hardware and software.

Saving working capital and allowing companies and other institutions to acquire assets they nee, as well as the upgrade flexibility inherent in asset financing is what it’s all about. Many companies in both the IT and Healthcare sector choose operating leases as a way to manager these acquisitions. The combination of flexibility at end of term, upgrade options, and the generally lower payments that come with a ‘ lease to use ‘ transaction are valuable.

Everyone benefits from a properly structured operating lease, as the aftermarket for medial and IT assets in Canada is huge. This aftermarket drives the creativity available in lease finance transactions. Residual values for IT and medical equipment are generally excellent, as are the aftermarket activity for purchase and re-financing of these assets.

Speak to an experienced, credible and trusted Canadian business financing advisor who can help you structure and obtain the best finance options available for medical, IT, and software assets.