Finally Revealed: How to Have Beautiful Skin Year Around

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

All women want to have beautiful skin; to enjoy the warmth and healing that the sun can bring without worrying about it damaging their skin.

Skin damage is a valid concern. Research shows that 70 to 90 percent of damage to the skin is caused by ultraviolet rays. The damage typically can be seen by lines, wrinkles, age spots, sagging and thickening of the skin. In addition, another unfortunate effect if the increase in skin cancer.

The good news is that there is a way to reduce the damage done by the sun’s rays. Dr. Regina Hamlin, a leading dermatologist has this to say: “The most effective way to reduce this damage and slow the signs of aging is through a holistic approach that combines the best in dermatological and nutritional science with common sense, like wearing a hat and sunglasses. Scientists have recently made new discoveries in skin care technology that will allow many people to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the sun again without the worry.”

There are five steps in a complete skin care regimen that can combat the sun?s damage. These are sunscreens, topical nutrition, non-irritating preservatives, natural complexes, and proper nutrition and hydration.


Sunscreen must be used on a daily basis. SPF 15 works well on most skin types. Another thing that can help is to look for a product that helps the body’s cells renewal process plus minimize the effects of sun damage.

Topical Nutrition

The skin can be damaged free radicals, which can cause it to look aged. Antioxidants such as vitamin c, green tea extract, and vitamin e are examples of supplement that can help decrease free radical damage.

Natural Complexes

It is important to look for products with natural ingredients such as lupine proteins, which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase smoothness. Products such as these also prevent the skin from losing its elasticity; in other words, the skin will look firm and youthful!

Non-Irritating Preservatives

Many skincare products contain harsh, irritating chemicals. It is best to stay away from such products. Instead, look for skincare products that have no parabens and other chemicals that release formaldehyde as well as those that are packaged in closed containers to avoid contamination after opening.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Not only is taking care of the skin from the outside important, but also nourishing cells on the inside is important. Therefore, taking high quality supplements is essential.

The good news is that there is a product out there that: (1) has no added preservatives, (2) is self-preserving, (3) contains regenisomes which assist in cell renewal, and (4) has dermal surface renewal technology. This product also has powerful antioxidant complexes in the form of Proteo-C and Proflavanol-T. The company, USANA Health Sciences, not only manufactures a line of skin care products called Sense that has all these essential elements, but also offers a line of vitamin supplements that support internal cell heath.

Everyone can have healthy, youthful looking, and smooth skin year around. Everyone can have fantastic cell health. Why not begin the process today?