Figures That Might Encourage You To Take A Critical Illness Cover.

Life is unpredictable. You may suffer from a certain critical illness at a point in your life. As per Belvins Franks statistics, almost everyone has a friend or relative that has suffered from a critical illness in his life. Similarly 1 of every 3 men may suffer from a heart attack before reaching the age of 65. Therefore, the risk of having a critical illness than to die is much higher.

When one member of a family falls critically ill, the entire family may be affected. If the person is not insured then there can be a dilemma. Financial pressures may arise as money is needed to cope with treatment costs and care. Critical illness insurance may alleviate you from this burden. Once payout is done, you could be capable to make necessary arrangements for medical fees and pay any other debts that may remain, due to lack of income.

Thankfully medical advances may have certainly helped to discover diseases earlier than before. Chances to survive have increased. There can now be a hope of resuming work once again after undergoing a critical illness. But the probability of becoming disabled still remains. Here are some figures that may better help you understand the trend of critical illness.

According to Belvins Franks, 1 of every 2 people in the UK may be affected by a critical illness such as cancer and heart disease. If the same amount is calculated over a much elevated population, the result can show a critical illness that may be of concern. Thus, half of the deaths that occur in the UK can more likely be caused by cancer or heart disease. Moreover, 1 of every 10 men possibly at the age of 30 could be diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer before reaching the age of 65.

Furthermore, 1 of every 10 men aged 30 may also suffer a heart attack before reaching the age of 65. Also, over 100,000 people per year in the UK may suffer from a stroke. Around 70 percent may survive this critical illness and be still alive a year later. Additionally, about 50 percent women deaths between the ages of 35 to 39 could have more likely been due to a critical illness. Results also reveal that approximately 45 percent of 75 percent people who suffer from heart attacks may survive for three years or more. On the other hand around 70 percent of people who survive a critical illness such as stroke in the UK may survive longer than a year.

According to the Stroke Association 1999, nearly 100,000 people in the UK each year may contract a stroke for the first time. Around 70 percent of patients may survive this critical illness for probably one year. Thus, stroke may be the biggest factor responsible for about 300,000 people being disabled at one time. As seen, this critical illness can be dangerous. Disability can change a lifestyle completely.

Critical illness insurance may then help you make the necessary changes to your house to accommodate a wheelchair. Similarly, you could even buy a new car to account for your mobility needs. Otherwise you could even change your work and train for a different field thanks to critical illness insurance payout in case of disability. People may also prefer to have a long rest and go on holidays for rehabilitation.

The advantages can be considerable with critical illness insurance. Statistics shown above demonstrate that heart attack, cancer and stroke are the most common critical illnesses in the UK. As the rate of critical illness tends to increase, critical illness insurance is sought by many people, for one simple reason, protection.