Field Dressing A Wild Boar

After a successful wild boar hunting activity, you will need to field dress the animal. Field dressing is in fact the preliminary slaughter of the wild boar before taking it back home. For accomplishing the task you will need very good knife skills but also a strong stomach but let us face it, you cannot compare the regular meat you purchase in a grocery store with a fresh wild boar meat. For this procedure, you will need the following items:

• Knifes
• Knife sharpener
• Rubber gloves
• Bucket
• Rope
• Tarp
• Triple tee (metal hanging device used to bleed a pig)
• Water
• Sturdy hacksaw

Relocating The Wild Boar Carcass

1. Tie a length of your rope around the wild boar’s feet

2. Tie a piece of wood to the other end of the rope in order to make it easier on your hand to pull(this is an optional step)

3. Pull the wild boar’s carcass to a level area (near a source of water is preferred). A solid tree that has low hanging branches will help expedite your cleaning. This will serve as the field dressing area.

Field Dress The Wild Boar

1. Untie the wild boar and attach a rope to the non-hook end of the triple tree device

2. Impale the animal’s hind feet on 2 of the hooks on the triple tree device before you start to field dress it

3. Throw the rope attached to the triple tree device over a solid tree branch and haul the wild boar up so that it is hanging off the ground

4. Secure the rope tightly in order to make sure that the wild boar carcass will not fall down while you will be field dressing the animal

5. Put your rubber gloves (surgical gloves are highly recommended because they allow maximum dexterity, making your task much easier)

6. Slit open the boar down the center of the belly. This cut should run from the hind legs to the front legs. If you have hunted a female, don’t be surprised if unborn piglets will fall down

7. Using your knife, reach into the main body cavity and cut out all the animal’s internal organs

8. Pull all of the innards out at once to make the job much smoother. Let the organs and viscera fall off.

9. Find the liver and insert it in a plastic bag. Boar hunters consider the liver that has not been cut during the dressing procedures a tasty delicacy.

10. With a hacksaw, remove the wild boar’s head

11. Skin the animal, taking off vertical strips of hide

12. Clean out the cavity with plenty of water and wrap the carcass in a tarp; carry it back to your car.

This is only a method of how to filed dress a wild boar, there are others but quite similar with this one. It is not very hard to complete this task, take things nice and slow and you will reach step 12 in no time. Good luck.