Few Simple Steps Which will Help in Building Self Esteem

Many parents like to help their children develop self esteem. It is an overwhelming task for youngster while without special needs its challenge for child. There are some important task which has to keep in mind while thinking about self esteem. Self esteem is dynamic; it varies from person to person. Parents nothing can do more than helping children. Parents input plays crucial role after some age, which become confidence part of equation. Here are few steps which will help in building self esteem.

Always be generous with hugs and kisses

Take babe picture and everyone wants to see how they looked as a baby. Many parents avoid taking pictures of their child, as they grow.

Be a sympathetic listener and where your child is coming from.

Always use honest, open communication at all times. Lids come to know which things you are hiding from them.

Please do not compare your child with other children, try to be happy with the accomplishments.

Please become aware of your own attitudes of people’s appearances and their limitations. Those parents who make positive comments about other people send the message that physical perfection is important.

Here are some self esteem builders and they will become a natural part of your family’s life.

1) Used to spend some time with your child, even if too short but spend sometime without interruptions. Engage yourself with her in reading every night before bed or taking daily stroll around the block.

2) Encourage Independence. It is a good thing for toddler to gain independence from parents. It encourages you to do simple things for her self like putting on her socks, pressing the correct elevator button. It has to keep in mind at all times a toddlers curiosity can place her at risk.

3) Feed her with regular reinforcement because she is always striving for independence. When she listens to you, praise her. Please be specific to her because she should know which behavior she should repeat.

4) Feeling which comes from internal side, make them to express their feelings. This is good way to build positive self esteem among her because it shows that her emotions are normal.

5) Please don’t compare your child with others. Most of parents think telling their kids you are better than peers she has, it totally damage her self esteem. Focus on such things in which your child looks unique.

6) Make them find out answer for any problem they face first. Don’t try to run too fast give time to your child to grasp things that will help in building self esteem.

7) Every hug and kiss converts into love and affection which shower with those.