Fertility Coaching – A Solution-Focused Approach To Overcoming Infertility

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Fertility coaching has been receiving more and more attention in the last years, as an additional option to improve and speed up the process of trying to conceive. Its main focus is offering support and guidance to women and couples who are struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss and complications, but each fertility coach will have their own personal, unique approach.

Some take a holistic or spiritual approach to fertility, others cater mainly to the emotional needs of their clients, while a few focus on investigating infertility causes and finding the best solutions to restore a couple’s fertility. The latter approach is known as solution-focused fertility coaching.

Marie Kertes, fertility coach, has been helping couples trying to conceive for over 4 years. She started out by teaching women how to discover their peak fertility and get pregnant faster by applying a highly efficient method which she developed, then went on to counsel couples through more complex infertility challenges, like PCOS, repeated pregnancy loss, thrombophilia, male factor infertility and unexplained infertility.

Her own difficult journey to achieving a pregnancy and her eventually successful battle with recurrent miscarriage has left her feeling stronger and more knowledgeable – and also determined to help others avoid having to go through the same ordeal.

‘The way I see fertility coaching – it’s not only about offering support and unconditional love to women who are going through these terribly stressful and frustrating fertility issues. Many times, it’s also about a deeper investigation into infertility. Figuring out the causes and fixing them step by step. Once we know the why, we know the how – and things move faster in the right direction.’

For the last year, Marie has also been extending her services online, in order to reach and help more people across the world. Her online clients come mostly from the United States, Canada and the UK, where IVF and fertility medication costs are exceedingly high, for the most part. But Marie feels that in many cases, by taking the right approach to getting pregnant, some of these expenses may be avoided altogether.

Marie Kertes, fertility coach

Marie Kertes, fertility coach

‘Infertility can be, without a doubt, a very expensive condition to treat. Too many fertility doctors aren’t all that interested in improving the process of trying to conceive naturally and they immediately refer couples to medicated fertility treatments. And sometimes that’s indeed the right way to go, but not when they’re for example referring women to IVF because they don’t know what else to do with them, which is often the case with unexplained infertility. What I do is make sure my clients have more options, to do what is best for them and what actually helps them achieve pregnancy without wasting time, emotional and financial resources.’

Marie is offering private fertility consultations, fertility coaching and free articles and resources on how to get pregnant faster on her website: https://mariekertesfertility.com/.

Her increasingly popular Quick Guide To Getting Pregnant can be downloaded for free and it’s a useful tool to speed up the time it takes to achieve a pregnancy.