Feminization Hypnotism

The truth remains that even if we now live in modern age, people tend to remain critical on gender issues. Although transsexuals are gaining acceptance, they have yet to earn enough understanding and respect. As these individuals become more and more aggressive in expressing their personalities, they continue to come up with more ideas and practices. One of which is feminization.

Feminization is an effort to transform a male’s appearance, behavior and thinking into that of a female. It could either be temporary or permanent. It is consciously trying to adapt feminine traits such as speech and behavior. Some common types are Forced Feminization and Hypnotic Feminization.

Forced feminization is when a male is instructed to adapt feminine ways against his will. It emphasizes the dominance of the female over the male – contrary to societal standards. Through this practice, the female gets to obtain personal satisfaction over gaining power over her subject. It is done through instructing the male to follow her directions; usually controlling the way he should act, think, and behave. The male is asked to portray the role of a typical feminine character. As the subject refuses to follow her demands, corresponding punishment shall be given to him.

An example is through physical contact such as through spanking and other stereotypical acts. He is asked to wear feminine clothing which are suggestive and provoking in nature such as undergarments. It is stated in some studies that refusal is usually unrealistic as the role-playing and submission secretly feeds on his fantasies and desires. But there are also cases where feminization is practiced as a form of abuse as in the case of sex slaves.

Contrary to forced feminization, hypnotic feminization involves a voluntary participation of the male. As per suggestions of the expert, he is then allowed to enjoy a particular fantasy. This environment usually evolves around being able to experience the feelings, thoughts, and even the physical traits of a female such as actually believing that you have breasts or female genital. It is a make-believe atmosphere where you could have somewhat realistic feelings and experiences. Hypnosis ends as per direction of the hypnosis expert.

The more conservative in us are yet to understand the reasons why some individuals undergo feminization. Feminization continues to create moral questions and it would take more than open mindedness and accepting gender issues. It may be a setback for transsexuals in gaining understanding but the fact exists that this practice exists.