Female Baldness: Why it Occurs and What You Can do to Prevent it

Alopecia is more commonly known as hair loss or baldness. If you think only men suffer from it, you’re quite wrong because millions of women all over the world are having trouble with the way their hair looks because of balding or hair loss. Female baldness is now a common occurrence and if you want to prevent it, you must not hesitate to consult a specialist now.

There are restoration specialists out there who can help you just in case you seek professional help. Most women are confused and they don’t know the real reason why they are getting bald. They are caught surprised by the sudden change in their scalp and hair.

Pattern baldness can also occur in women. It is hereditary which means that it has something to do with the genetic makeup of your family. If female baldness is your problem, check your family’s history and you will find out more. It can be from both sides of the family or from just one side. You can never tell if hair loss or baldness is temporary or even permanent. Only a qualified doctor can tell you that. Well of course, if you’re pregnant, the problem may only be temporary as this is a common effect of pregnancy.

Androgenetic alopecia is not only the cause of baldness or hair loss. Women love to style their hair and keep it healthy at all times. It represents a part of their personality and it is also a longevity and youthful sign. Because of this, if a woman begins to experience hair loss or balding, they feel very much confused, frustrated, helpless, and angry. They often forget that it may be due to pregnancy or an effect in stopping the use of certain pills. If you experienced a terrible psychological and physical stress, hair loss may also follow.

If you have alopecia or baldness, it doesn’t mean that you’re bound to lose all your hair. Your hair starts to get thin especially on the forehead and the top portion. But don’t worry because now there are some therapies that you can try like topical immunotherapy, anthralin, glucocorticoids, and other medications like Minoxidil. Oftentimes the treatment option available for you is dependent on the hair loss’s extent and your age.

As mentioned earlier, hair loss, baldness, or alopecia can be caused by the genetic makeup of the individual, stress, and pregnancy. Aside from that, it is also associated with chemotherapy, anorexia/crash diets, major surgeries, hormone deficiency (thyroid), high fever, severe infections, and taking certain drugs.

You must check your hair regularly so that you will know immediately if you’re having hair loss. Consider the following symptoms and if ever you see or experience any of the symptoms, consult a doctor at once. The symptoms include hair thinning and moderate hair loss on the top portion of the head and forehead.

After the doctor’s diagnosis, that is the time when you will be given the proper treatment suited to your condition. You can even undergo professional counseling especially if your self confidence and self esteem is already affected.

Female baldness can be considered a great problem especially for women who give too much importance to their looks. Know your options so that you can restore your hair. Remember that hair loss cannot be cured so you must try all the available remedy options.