Feet, Personality Theory, Dating and Relationships

What have feet to do with personality theory and relationships?


Well I am sure there are people who can read every aspect of your feet. Just like palm readers do. I won’t even go into whether or not those are exact sciences or even true.


I’ve never even really looked into it.


But when it comes to relationships, one of the biggest problems is matching people of similar or compatible personality types.


As you may know, if you have been following my writings, I am a keen observer of things. Particularly things to do with meeting women, picking up women, and relating to women.


I talk about different personality types that I named “love girls,” “beautiful teases,” and “gradient girls” in many of my writings. Of course those were barroom terms and observations I made 30 years ago.


Now, I’m not here to teach you about personality theory. And in fact I won’t.


As a subject it is 100 times more complex than meeting, dating and relating to women. And there are others who have already documented workable personality technologies.


But the problem with most dating gurus is related to this personality topic. There are different types of men and different types of women. Different types of people relate differently. If you want to be successful in your dating strategies it is not something you can ignore.


When you ignore personality types, “pick up,” meeting,” and “relating” advice becomes a low percentage game – strategies that work only 1 out of 10 times on the general population. (Even though they might work a higher percentage of times in a specific situation where you have an accumulation of a certain personality type – like bars and clubs.)


Observational strategies that take personality type into consideration work 8 or 9 times out of ten on the general population – in every situation. Quite a difference in the success rate. When you master personality types and situational dating and relating methods you become a master of this area. When you can get 8 or 9 out of 10 women that you target, you feel good and confident about you self.


The problem is the majority of guys don’t look at personality first they look at bodies.


And when they do look at personality they get confused. They have no systematic way of observing, understanding and predicting human behavior. So often it takes six months after you meet a person to get through their “façade” or “social” personality before they start showing you who they really are, and other times it is not even six months. It is a major event that occurs – moving in together, marriage, etc. – before they let down their guard and show you who they really are.


The reason I became successful picking up women in bars and clubs 30 years ago, was I was able to spot personality types from certain patterns of motion that they exhibited. From that I was able to predict their behavior and apply situational strategies that led them straight into my arms.


Now what I am really trying to do with all my writings is teach you guys how to observe these things for your self. That is what will make you a master of this area. Sometimes I can give you guys my observations which can act as short cuts to leaning, and I do when I can.


So here is one of those…..


This is a shortcut to personality typing and spotting that you can learn and start applying in only a few minutes from now.


It  is a way you can look at a women’s body (what you do naturally) and determine a personality type in as little as a few seconds and know with a high degree of probability whether she is the right personality type for you or not.


It has to do with the angle between a person’s feet.


I had a conversation with my chiropractor about two years ago in which he told me that the angle of the feet was controlled by a muscle and organ than had something to do with the emotion of “fear.”


Now this interested me to no end, as the emotion of fear is something that I had observed and definitely played a role in personality types and typing.


No “fear” makes a man very brave. A little “fear” makes him conservative, a lot of “fear” makes him afraid and even more “fear” and he is terrified. If an angry man has “fear” mixed in with his anger he becomes “covert” (backstabbing – as he is afraid to attack you from the front) rather than “overt” (face-to-face) in his anger.


Interesting this thing called “fear.”


For example my “love girls” of the barroom days had “no fear.” In fact they were so brave they scared men.


The “beautiful teases,” were very afraid, they acted brave (apparent flirt) but then ran away at the first sign of real interest.


Those “gradient girls,” they just had a little fear – afraid men in bars were all just a bunch of jerks.


The strategies that I evolved to pick up these different types of women were pretty much molded to handle their different types or levels of relative “fear.”




After my talk with the chiropractor, I went back to the clubs and looked at a few examples of these “barroom” personality types with respect to this angle between the feet.


But first let me give you a few definitions in case you don’t know what degrees and angles and other geometric terms are.


Let us use the face of a clock for an example. Look at the big hand and the little hand. They both start at the same point in the center of the dial, but the tips of the big hand and little hand point to different places. The two lines formed by the big hand and the little hand create an angle. The angle between them is measured geometrically in degrees.


A circle has 360 degrees. So in the clock example every minute would be a change of 6 degrees. So if we use 12 noon or 12 o’clock. The two hands are parallel and there is no angle, or 0 degrees.


When it is 12:05 pm the hands create what is called a 30 degree angle. When it is 12:10  the two hands create a 60 degree angle. At 12:15 the two hands create a 90 degree angle and at 12:20 the two hands create a 120 degree angle.


Now the angles between human feet don’t get much wider than that. (though I have seen a few 12:22s ) So for our purposes let’s stop the geometry lesson here.


For our purposes though, I usually don’t refer to the angles between the feet as 12:15 etc. as one has to turn one’s head to see the angle correctly. If I am using the clock analogy, I usually refer to the feet positions as – left foot from 1 to 10 minutes before 12 noon or 12 noon if straight — and the right foot from 1 to 10 minutes after noon or 12 noon if straight —  (i.e. left foot -5 minutes before noon, right foot – five minutes after noon.).


Let’s continue


Now “Love Girls” tended to have perfectly straight feet (both feet pointed at 12 noon). Gradient girls typically have an angle between the feet of about 12 to 24 degrees  – left foot (1 or 2 minutes before noon) right foot (1 or 2 minutes after noon).


The beautiful teases typically had a angle of between 72 to 120 degrees between their feet – left foot (6 -10 minutes before noon) right foot (6-10 minutes after noon.)


Now when I say usually or tended I mean about 8 or 9 times out of ten. Or a correlation of 80-90 percent with the personality type. Now for those of you who know anything about correlation that is pretty high. That means you could make predictions about personality types and be right 8 or 9 times out of ten.




Does that mean all women with straight feet are “love girls”? No. It doesn’t. No more than if I said college professors all tend to have a high IQ, would it mean that everyone with a high IQ was a college professor. Love Girls are just a small subset of people with straight feet.


What it means is that people with straight feet have little or no fear. Thus you will find them doing all kinds of things that exhibit little fear. – They might be the kind of people that start their own business, or work on commission, or take other job or career risks that others might be to afraid to do. They, might be the kind of people that will talk to anyone, share their real thoughts and opinions easily,  and say all kinds of personal things that others would be afraid to say out of embarrassment.


It could mean however, that if a girl with straight feet ever gets herself in a position where she is terribly horny, without a boyfriend, and the only thing she can think of is going to a bar with the intention of picking up some guy to get laid, well then she would most likely go about it like a “Love Girl” and NOT like a “Beautiful tease” or “Gradient Girl”.


But be careful how you interpret these things or it could get you in trouble.


Remember, feet angles give you the relative amount of fear. That is all we know for sure. Everything else is a correlation.


You see the “Love Girl” is confident and fearless. She isn’t afraid of men, so when she wants to get laid she walks into a bar knowing she’s sexy and knowing she can intimidate men. She just looks every man in the eye because she wants a confident fearless man – just like her.


The gradient girl is not as confident and fearless. She is afraid that most of the guys in bars are jerks. So she approaches the situation with that bias. She is not so afraid that she will run away from men who will approach her, but she will banter with them and just say “no” when it comes to the real “pick up” moment because her fear biases her towards the viewpoint that men in this situation should be feared.


The “beautiful tease” is deathly afraid of men. She is in the bar because she is trying to overcome her fears. She is beautiful and has learned that men will respond to her, so she flirts to get attention and attraction which make her feel good. But as soon as some guy gets really interested, she runs away. She is deathly afraid and can’t confront it. It takes a guy who understand this and make her feel totally safe and in control to seduce her. Such was the technique that I worked out 30 years ago.


So how do we use this “angle of the feet” observation to help you guys with your dating and relating problems.


Well there is one giant maxim that I am going to give you in a moment, but first let me say the way you use this is to make observations for yourself. I’m  not here to give you lessons in personality theory. Just know that there are different personality types that correlate with the “angles between the feet.”


Start by observing the angle of your own feet. Then observe the feet of the people that you know and observe similarities and differences in personality. Start out with major differences, Like people with straight feet versus people with very wide feet. See which angles you get along with best.


There is no right or wrong here, or good or bad. There is just compatibility.


So HERE is the GIANT MAXIM. (a truth or basic principle).


MAXIM:1 – You should not get into a relationship with anyone who is more than 2-3 minutes on a clock face or 12- 24 degrees (geometrically) different than your own “angle between the feet.”  People who are more than 2-3 minutes or 12-24 degrees different from you are going to have personality types that are too different from you to achieve total compatibility with.


Remember, however, that this is only true 80-90% of the time. There will be exceptions to the rule. WHY? Because people have “façade” or “social” feet angles just like they have “façade” or “social personalities.” 


For example, people who are in the acting or modeling industry may be trained to walk with their feet totally straight. (12 noon). So you may have a “beautiful tease” that has straight feet because she was trained to walk that way not because she has “no fear!”  Get it.


People have accidents to their legs and feet and back etc. that can change the angle between their feet and give you a false interpretation.  Usually however it is one foot that is out, not both, but I have met people with both out as results of accidents.


MAXIM 2: – If you are in a relationship with someone who has an angle between their feet more than 2-3 minutes on a clock face or 12- 24 degrees (geometrically) different than your own “angle between the feet,” and if you get along beautifully, than forget about it. You are probably in that area of the 10-20% exceptions that don’t correlate. Ultimately you have to observe the person in front of you and not their feet.


However, if you are having trouble with this person in a relationship, then observe their exact angle and make a point of meeting other people with that angle and talking to them. Talk to your guy friends with a similar angle. There is a personality type here, get to know and understand it. They are different from you. They don’t think like you do. So throw all you assumptions out the window and get to know the personality type in front of you. 


If you can do that then you will be able to improve the understanding between each other in the relationship. The closer they are in relation to your own “angle between the feet” however, the better chance you have for long term survival of your relationship.




This is one of those observations that took me years to observe and figure out that you can benefit from immediately.


Stick with girls (and guy fiends) with similar foot angle and you will find you get along better with them.


Foot angle is immediately noticeable. It gives you a quick 80-90% reliable method of sizing up people fast. It also let’s you see through facades and “social” personalities as most people don’t pay attention to feet and don’t try to fake the angle of their feet.


Once you start making observations you can associate with the various foot angles you will be able to predict people with relative accuracy (80-90% right).


Now as a final note I want to say “ Please don’t believe me. Don’t assume what I am telling you is true. Go observe for yourself.”


Look at all of your friends and relatives. Correlate the angles with their personality types.  

If you make any interesting observations about any of this please tell me about them at one of my various blogs or websites.

(c) 2007 Dating To Relating, Inc.