Feelings – The True Power Behind The Throne

When it comes to taking control of our lives and making them what we want them to be, our FEELINGS are more important than our knowledge. Whether you understand and embrace the Law of Attraction or not, it is still working for you. It is a Universal law that you are powerless to escape. However, you can control it – and you do that with the power of your feelings.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel bad, more bad things tends to happen to you? On the flip side, whenever you feel on top of the world, it seems like no matter what happens, it isn’t powerful enough to derail you from your state of bliss.

So – given the choice – which one of those states of mind would you rather be in? The beauty of the Law of Attraction is that you have that choice each day, even minute to minute, and you do it by simply making a conscious decision to feel the way that you want to feel.

Sounds pretty simple, right? You want to feel good, so you simply decide to feel good. Believe it or not, it really is just that simple.

Here’s the catch, though – you have to BELIEVE it. Most people are all too familiar with what it feels like to lie to ourselves, and even though it may “seem” true on the surface, deep down inside – where it really matters – we know the truth. That won’t fly if you want to properly invoke the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction simply magnetizes more of what you are feeling into your life. If you feel like your life is on a downward slide, then you will magnetize more people and circumstances that will ensure that you slide all the way to the bottom. However, if you feel like the sky is the limit, and you believe it in your soul, then what you need will be delivered to you to ensure that you can take your life as high as you want it to go.

Consider this example as a way of comparing true feelings vs. “on the surface” feelings:

Think of what it is like when you know you are going to see someone at a party or a get together, but you don’t really like them, and don’t particularly want to see them. Yet when you get there, you smile and give them a hug or shake their hand and tell them how great it is to see them.

You are practicing common courtesy and good manners, but you don’t truly FEEL happy to see that person. Now switch that situation around and think of a person that you truly want to see and that you are looking forward to spending time with. When you greet them, the hug or the hand shake is real, the smile on your face reaches your heart, and your happy feelings about seeing them are genuine.

That type of genuine emotional response is what the Law of Attraction responds to, and if you want to keep positive things coming your way in life, you need to spend as much time as possible having genuinely positive feelings.

It can be difficult at times, as life will frequently throw negative situations at us. However, what you have to remember about any situation is that can control your emotional reaction to that situation. No one else controls your reaction – only you.

That may seem hard to swallow because there are so many people in our lives that cause a genuine emotional response – whether that response is positive or negative. However, what you have to embrace is the fact that our reaction is completely up to us. If that person makes us happy vs. sad, or gleeful vs. angry, those reactions are completely up to us. This is a powerful thing to remember, especially if you find yourself dealing with negative people or situations on a frequent basis.

Another detail of this process that you need to understand is that the universal power of the Law of Attraction will react to your emotional response – whether that response is justified or not.

In other words, if someone makes you angry, frustrated, or sad, you will immediately begin to magnetize more anger, frustration, and sadness into your life. Even though you may be very much justified in having a negative reaction to someone, you are still attracting more negativity by having that reaction.

Remember, the only person who can control your emotional response to any situation is you. Even if you are justified in having a negative response, all that will happen by allowing yourself to have that emotional response is that you will attract more negativity into your life.

As hard as it may be in certain circumstances, it is absolutely imperative that you have a positive reaction as often as possible. Since most of us have negative people or circumstances that are part of our daily routines, simply avoiding those situations or people is the easiest solution.

Another trick that you can employ when you know that you are going to come head to head with negativity is to mentally prepare yourself in advance so that you are more able to control your reaction when you actually get there.

Remember, YOU are the only one who can control your emotional reaction to any given situation, or to any given person. Keep your reactions positive, and the Law of Attraction will start to steer your life towards times filled with happiness and prosperity. Enjoy the ride!