Feel The Freedom ! Success With Canadian Franchise Financing Business Lenders

The ‘ freedom ‘ of owning your own business, one that has already proven to be successful is surely exhilarating. That’s why it’s so all important to ensure that you’re aware of the options and mechanics that franchise financing lenders utilize for a business financing when it comes to franchising in Canada.

It’s a broad spectrum ! From newer immigrants to Canada to season corporate executives there is no doubt that a franchise purchase represents the new ‘ Canadian business dream ‘.

Let’s examine some key issues when it comes to financing your purchase, including which the franchise financing lenders are in Canada, and how you can avoid the disappointment of doing it wrong the first time.

Several elements of your personal and past business life come into play when a franchise lender looks at your business proposal. One of them quite frankly is your personal credit history which must be reasonable. ‘What’s reasonable?’ ask clients who sit down with us to discuss their franchise purchase and business financing options.

Actually the playing field is very level here, not a lot of mystery as some clients assumes. In Canada two credit bureau agencies dominate the credit history market. All Canadians who borrow or who have borrowed in the past have a ‘score ‘. The passing score in Canada tends to be 650. So you can easily check your score by yourself and determine whether you are in the striking range.

Another typical question we always get revolves around the type of franchise you purchase. Do franchise lenders actually favor certain franchises over others? (Think doughnuts, hockey, and a Canadian franchise name that comes to mind as an example!) We have even seen some studies recently that indicate that there are some internal publications at some financial institutions in the U.S. and Canada that favor certain franchises over others.

We think it goes without saying that some brand names are more attractive , seeming have the ability to be more successful vis a vis cash flow generation and profits, and are viewed as a ‘ better bet ‘. That having been said we’ve worked with numerous clients who have successfully financed franchises that are either new concepts to Canada or less well known. So don’t take a less known name as a ‘ no’ when it comes to franchise financing success probability.

The reality of financing franchises in Canada is that it’s hardly a huge ‘ collateral ‘ play. Involved in your purchase are franchise fees, leasehold improvements, and numerous soft costs that quite frankly aren’t at the top of the collateral desired meter!

So your ability to package and present a deal properly, inject some equity into the deal (the proverbial ‘ down payment ‘) and demonstrate a decent opening balance sheet and cash flows is critical. A solid business plan that meets and exceed the lenders qualifications can be prepared efficiently by any Canadian business financing advisor who is worth their salt!

So, franchise lenders. Who are they in Canada? The banks do the majority of franchise financing in Canada, but the secret here is that the vehicle used to approve your financing is done under a government program called the BIL /CSBF loan. It works perfectly for your needs on franchise financings under 350k. One major international firm also finances franchises under special arrangements with selected franchisors.

You should rarely count on your franchisor to assist in the financing process, other than some guidance and suggestions. So if that’s the case, who can you turn to? Consider talking to a trusted, credible an experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can tailor a financing to your specific needs, and entrepreneurial success!